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About IWF

Independent Women's Forum is an educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. We work every day to engage and inform women and create a a community to discuss how policy issues – including paid leave, health care, taxes, energy, minimum wage, and education - impact them and their families. 

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The Women Of Independent Women's Forum

Carrie Lukas

Amber Schwartz
Executive Vice President


Victoria Coley
VP, Communications

Ashley B. Carter
Director of Coalitions

Ericka Andersen Sylvester
Digital Marketing Director

Caroline Phelps
Senior Manager, Strategic Communications

Michele Vogt
Creative Design & Digital Specialist

Sekayi Stephens
Graphic Design Lead

Christine Goss
Communications Strategist

Betsy Pearson
Communications & Staff Assistant


Somerlyn Cothran
Senior Vice President of Investor Relations

Jennifer Marquez
Director of Foundation Relations

Lauren Rubio
Director of Investor Relations

Casidy McMeans
Development Associate

Natalie Le
Development Associate


Hadley Heath Manning
Director of Policy

Julie Gunlock
Director, Center for Progress and Innovation

Charlotte Hays
Director of Cultural Programs, Senior Editor

Patrice Lee Onwuka
Senior Policy Analyst

Heather Madden
Director of Operations and Policy Research


IWF wants women to be able to express their own opinions freely and encourages a robust debate on the issues facing our country. Our senior fellows are passionate about the cause of improving society and helping people live better lives. We promote our senior fellows because we believe these women are doing excellent work and deserve a platform to be heard. Although affiliated with IW, the views and opinions expressed by each fellow are her own and may not reflect the official position of the organization.

Karin Agness Lips
Senior Fellow

Vicki E. Alger, Ph.D
Senior Fellow

Jennifer C. Braceras
Senior Fellow

Amy Oliver Cooke
Senior Fellow

Rachel DiCarlo Currie
Senior Fellow

Erin Hawley
Senior Fellow

Caroline Kitchens
Senior Fellow

Angela Logomasini
Senior Fellow

Elisha Maldonado
Senior Fellow

Nicole Neily
Senior Fellow

Naomi Schaefer Riley
Senior Fellow

Claudia Rosett
Foreign Policy Fellow

Lisa Schiffren
Senior Fellow


IWF Visiting Fellows:

Kimberly Corban
Visiting Fellow

Mattie Duppler
Visiting Fellow

Natalie Goodnow
Visiting Fellow

Kristin Shapiro
Visiting Fellow

Christina Villegas
Visiting Fellow

Dr. Jamie Wells
Visiting Fellow

IWF Board of Directors:

Heather R. Higgins - Chairman
Yvonne S. Boice
Giovanna Cugnasca
The Hon. Nan Hayworth 
Adele Malpass
Abby Moffat
Myles Pollin

IWF Board of Directors Emeritae:

Kellyanne Conway
Larry Kudlow

IWF Leadership Circle:

Sabrina Schaeffer - Leadership Circle Chair
Mindy Berry
Andrea Bottner
Susanna Dokupil
Lisa Gable
Windi Grimes
Jennifer Higgins
Clark Judge
Laura Cox Kaplan 
Anne Kolton
Claudette Lajam
Kate Pomeroy
Mercedes Schlapp
Sandra Swirski
Janie Tisdale

IWF Directors Emeritae:

Lynne V. Cheney 
Midge Decter 
Kimberly O. Dennis 
Wendy Lee Gramm 
Randy P. Kendrick 
Elizabeth Lurie (deceased)
Kate O'Beirne (deceased)
Louise V. Oliver 
Sally Pipes 
Nancy M. Pfotenhauer
R. Gaull Silberman (deceased)
Michaelon Wright

Independent Women’s Forum’s mission is to improve the lives of Americans by increasing the number of women who value free markets and personal liberty. Sister organization of Independent Women’s Voice.
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