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Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs, Senior Editor

Charlotte Hays is IWF's senior editor and director of cultural program.

Hays gets up most mornings and contributes to the Inkwell, the weblog of the Independent Women's Forum. Hays joined the Independent Women's Forum in 1999 as editor of The Women's Quarterly. When the quarterly evolved into our web operation, Hays became a senior editor.

Known for her quick and irreverent sense of humor, Hays has appeared on cable television programs such as Politically Incorrect, C-Span's Washington Journal, and PBS's To the Contrary. A former correspondent for the National Catholic Register and a feature writer at The Washington Times, Hays has been fascinated by politics since covering local politics for alternative weeklies in New Orleans. She is coauthor of three humorous books on southern culture, the first of which was the best-selling Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral. She is also author of Fortune Hunters, a book on what it takes to make a Midas marriage. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street JournalNew York magazine, the Washington Post’s “Book World,” and the Weekly Standard.

Hays has recently returned to IWF after several years of serving as editor of In Character, A Journal of Everyday Virtues, which was published by the John Templeton Foundation.mes, Hays has been fascinated by politics since covering local politics for alternative weeklies in New Orleans.

Recent Articles:

"Sex Object" Author Jessica Valenti Says Conservative Women Can't Be Feminists

May 21 2018

A DC City Councilman Calls New Taxes to Help Our Bloated Metro System "Exciting"

May 21 2018

Akron Professor Raises Grades for Female Students--Just Because of Their Gender

May 18 2018

Poll: U.S. Respondents Name Sarah Huckabee Sanders Ninth Most Admired Woman in World

May 17 2018

Seattle Times: Citizens Should Overturn the City Council's Hostile-to-Business Head Tax

May 17 2018

Study: What You Major in Is Financially More Significant than Where You Go to School

May 16 2018

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Is Moral Panic Preventing Us from Thinking Clearly about E-Cigarettes?

May 16 2018

ABC Suits Tell Roseanne to Dial Back the Conservative Political Humor

May 16 2018

Study: Nice Guys Earn Less than Mean Guys

May 15 2018

Mamavation: Your Deodorant Can Reduce Your IQ

May 15 2018

How to Give Working Mothers a Raise: Flextime

May 13 2018

Will the Resistance's Anger Backfire?

May 13 2018

NextGen America Puts out Mother's Day Ad Warning about Scary, Republican Children

May 11 2018

Standing in Solidarity with Somebody or Other, Cornell University Student Delivers Senior Thesis Nearly Naked

May 11 2018

Louisiana Votes to Remain Only State in Union that Requires a License to Arrange Flowers

May 10 2018

The Left Is Mad at New York Times Columnist Bari Weiss

May 10 2018

Nineteen Eighty-Four Updated: The Bias Response Team Is Watching You

May 9 2018

The Good and the Bad of the MeToo Movement

May 8 2018

Minimum Wage Hikes Making It Harder for Teens to Get Summer Jobs

May 8 2018

Alexa Encouraging Kids to Be Polite

May 8 2018

Wall Street Journal: Title IX Could Become a Scarlet Letter

May 8 2018

First Lady Melania Trump Sees Significant Surge in Approval Rating in New CNN Poll

May 7 2018

D.C. Licensing Law Would Devastate Ilumi Sanchez

May 4 2018

Reuters: Support for President Doubles Among Black Males--in a Week

May 3 2018

The Boy Scouts Officially Change Their Name: They Are Dropping the "Boy"

May 3 2018

Swedish Preschools Experiment with Breaking Down Traditional Gender Lines

May 2 2018

D.C. Public School System Spends Twice National Average Per Student--And the Results Are Abysmal

May 2 2018

Just What Kinds of Guaranteed Jobs Does Senator Sanders Envision?

May 1 2018

Bidding Farewell to a Progressive Paradise

May 1 2018

Vicious Attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders at White House Correspondents Dinner

April 29 2018

Knife Control Now Hot Topic in U.K.

April 27 2018

Former Port Authority Commissioner to Cops: You Can't Pull Over Privileged MIT And Yale Students

April 26 2018

Finland Ends Experiment with Universal Basic Income

April 25 2018

What Fresno Professor's Vicious Tweets about Former First Lady Barbara Bush Say about the Most Expensive System of Higher Education in Human History

April 24 2018

Victimhood: Goldman Sachs Board Member Says Things Have Not Gotten Better for Women Since the Eighties

April 23 2018

Job Corps: Failure with a Big Price Tag

April 23 2018

More on Little Pink House

April 19 2018

Barbara Pierce Bush: June 8, 1925- April 17, 2018

April 18 2018

Mayor Bill de Blasio's Low Level of Charitable Giving Questioned

April 18 2018

Oregon Public Employee's Pension: $76,000 . . . a Month

April 18 2018

Proposed Advanced Placement Text: Trump Voters Were Angry, Xenophobic, and Feared Diversity

April 17 2018

In Effort to Combat Hook-Up Culture, College Professor Gives Extra Credit for Going on a Date

April 17 2018

Little Pink House: A Movie about What Happened When the City of New London Seized the Houses of Working Class Citizens

April 17 2018

Fashion Magazines Ignoring First Lady

April 16 2018

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren: FCC Should Put Kibosh on News Source

April 13 2018

Women's March Leaders Hold Carefully-Scripted "Debate" at Mount Holyoke

April 13 2018

Women's March Upset that Sex Trafficking Website Has Been Shut Down

April 12 2018

Senator Udall to Mark Zuckerberg: Please Lobby Me

April 11 2018

Equal Pay Day: There's a Lot of Hypocrisy Out There

April 10 2018

Outrage: Good Samaritan Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless

April 9 2018

IWF Statement on Former First Lady Barbara Bush

April 17 2018

A weekend about women

August 28 2017

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July 12 2017

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November 11 2016

Obamacare's Ultimate Goal: Single Payer • Garrison

October 27 2016

Phyllis Schlafly's Legacy: 'She Encouraged Us To Speak Out And Speak Boldly'

September 7 2016

IWF Pokes Holes In 'Gender Gap'

August 26 2016

Study: It’s ‘Unhealthy’ For Young Men To Be Breadwinners

August 22 2016

More E-Mail Trouble For Hillary Clinton • Garrison

August 12 2016

Men Say They Work More Than Women. Here's The Truth.

June 29 2016

Is Hillary's Nomination A Shining Moment In American History? • Garrison

June 9 2016

Conservative Women: 'Trump Is Todd Akin On Steroids'

March 18 2016

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March 16 2016

Obama's Last-Year "Plans" Under Fire

January 14 2016

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January 7 2016

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October 8 2015

Republicans hope Carly Fiorina will close the electoral gender gap. Here’s why she won’t.

September 28 2015

Trump's Disparaging Remarks on Fiorina's Face • Vicki McKenna

September 10 2015

Advice for young women in the work place • WCBS Pat Carroll

August 31 2015

Gender-equality numbers reliable? Nah, not so much

August 25 2015

'Women's equality' ranking, by state

August 24 2015

The Forgotten Trump, The Rise of Carly, and the Dishonest Hillary • Garrison

August 20 2015

Netflix and other big tech companies extending parental leave policies • One News Now

August 12 2015

Obama's policies an obstacle for startups

August 6 2015

Hillary Clinton's Reset • Conservative Commandos

June 16 2015

Podcast #12: Technology & Taxes: Costly Policies That Affect Consumers

June 11 2015

Podcast #11: Women LEAD Summit: Moving forward with a positive agenda for women

June 2 2015

The rise of Carly Florina • Vicki McKenna

May 28 2015

IRS targeting saved Obama re-election/Iran & Israel/UVA Rape Scandal • Andy Caldwell

April 9 2015

UVA Rolling Stone Report: A Blemish on Professional Journalism • Bill Martinez Live

April 9 2015

UN deems Israel the only violator of women's rights • Bobby Gunther Walsh

March 26 2015

UN deems Israel top violator of women's rights • Schilling Show

March 23 2015

Poverty & Ferguson/Hillary's Hard Drives/Prof wants to bypass Supreme Court • WIBC Garrison

March 19 2015

Hillary's Hard Drives • Conservative Commandos

March 17 2015

Hillary faces test as women's advocate/What happened to the Abbottabad docs? • Andy Caldwell

March 12 2015

How do we bring more women into top jobs? • BBC Radio

March 6 2015

Actress Patricia Arquette Demands Equal Pay in Oscar Speech • WCBM Sean and Frank

February 25 2015

Obama Admistration's Internet Power-Grab • WIBC Garrison

February 12 2015

What's behind "No Gender December" • Rick Amato Show

December 16 2014

Supreme Court says small, private companies don't have to provide contraception • Neal Larson Show

July 1 2014

Under Title IX equal opportunities should not mean equal outcomes • SportsTalk 84 with Lachlan McLean

June 25 2014

Seattle's war on business won't help combat homelessness

May 16 2018

'Freedom of speech' is too sophisticated a concept for today's illiberal students

March 9 2018

Many of Trump's worst enemies have a lot in common with Obama-era 'birthers'

December 13 2017

Donna Brazile's book accidentally reveals what the Democratic Party really thinks about women

November 7 2017

Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood/media industrial complex's war on women

October 13 2017

Why the ‘Will & Grace’ Reboot Traffics in Recycled Trump Jokes

October 3 2017

Fight Against School Vouchers Pits a Powerful Educational Establishment Against Low-Income Parents

August 8 2017

Drain the White House Correspondents Dinner!

February 17 2017

Fake News: The Atlantic Smears My Hometown...but Posh Magazines Never Get Called Out for Their Fake News

January 13 2017

Modern Tupperware Parties

December 22 2016

Do the Russkies Deserve the Pulitzky Prize?

December 16 2016

A Civilized Nation Does Not Force Its Women To Fight Its Wars

December 7 2016

Who’s Really Left Behind?: Reconnecting with Middle America Requires More than Messaging

December 2 2016

A Few Words on Infantilizing Feminism and the Campaign Just Ended: The Maturity Gap

November 11 2016

Obama's Fundamental Transformation Is Built on Quicksand; It is about to Become Set in Cement

October 28 2016

Wikileaks: Clinton Campaign Probably Knows the Truth about Job Loss and the $15 Minimum Wage Hike

October 14 2016

Stop and Frisk: The Inner City's Best Friend

September 30 2016

A New Theory of the (Male) Leisure Class

September 16 2016

Don’t Call Me Ms.: The Life and Times of Phyllis Schlafly

September 7 2016

Hooray For The Humanities!

September 1 2016

Long Overdue Wisdom from Donald Trump on Race, Law, and Order

August 19 2016

Second District Court Of Appeals: Two (Genders) Can Tango With Title IX

August 5 2016

Neat Trick: Clinton Plans to Do the Same Old Thing but Get Different Results

July 31 2016

Facing Up To Our Predicament: Stop Calling These Murders "Senseless"

July 22 2016

Mass. Pay Equity Legislation And The ‘War On Work’

July 15 2016

More and More Students Think They’re Oppressed

July 13 2016

Hillary's Scam Vs. Donald's Scam

July 8 2016

Why Is Fingerprinting Such a Sticky Point for Uber?

June 24 2016

D.C. Minimum Wage Hike: Liberals Feel Dandy, Low-Income Kids Get Hurt

June 10 2016

‘Safe Spaces’?: Not For Guys In Our Feminized College Environments

May 17 2016

Hillary Evolves: More Government Needed to Raise Tots

May 13 2016

Is Camilla the Wicked Stepmother in the Royal Family Drama?

May 6 2016

Hillary, Hill, And Jill

April 29 2016

Equal Pay Day: Hillary's Favorite Holiday

April 15 2016

Donald Trump Breathes New Life into Left’s War on Women

March 18 2016

Nancy Reagan: An Alternative Obituary

March 8 2016

Do Or Die Time

February 19 2016

Women In Combat Isn't Just A Women's Issue

February 18 2016

Steinem, Albright Try Bullying Female Voters into Supporting Hillary

February 11 2016

Muslim Women: Obama's Slap in the Face

February 5 2016

Now, What About The 13 Hours Of Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama?

January 22 2016

Will Bill Clinton's Sexual Past Disturb Hillary's "Women As Victim" Ploy?

January 8 2016

President Obama: Perks Are Great but Get Me Outta Here!

December 18 2015

From Cosmo Girl To Catholic Woman: The Story Of One Woman’s Liberation

December 12 2015

Celebrities, Please Stop Talking About Menopause

December 8 2015

Pathetic Protests

December 4 2015

Religion Of Peace?

November 28 2015


November 20 2015

The Media’s Snob Problem: Trump’s Gold Palace and Carson’s Jesus Painting

November 19 2015

Censored Women's Film Festival: Will There Be a Feminist in the Room?

November 6 2015

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