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Hadley Heath

Director of Policy

Hadley Heath Manning is director of policy at Independent Women's Forum and Independent Women’s Voice. She frequently comments on health care, entitlements and economic policy and manages the organizations’ policy projects and publications. Hadley is also a Senior Fellow at the Steamboat Institute in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Hadley appears frequently in radio and TV outlets across the country and is a regular guest on the Fox Business Network. Her work has been featured in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, POLITICO, Roll Call, Real Clear Policy, National Review Online and Huffington Post. 

In 2016, Hadley was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in Law and Policy. In 2015, the Republican National Committee honored Hadley as a Rising Star, and in 2014, she was named to the Red Alert Politics 30 Under 30 list. Hadley has also completed the National Review Institute’s Washington Fellowship, class of 2012-2013. 

Hadley graduated with distinction from the University of North Carolina in 2010 as a Morehead-Cain Scholar with a double major in economics and journalism.  She now lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and children. 

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Jobs Schmobs

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Disturbing Increase in Suicide Rates, Especially for Adolescent Girls

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BBC's Egregious Coverage of Equal Pay Issue

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Ladies, Don't Fall for "Pink Tax" Myth

February 9 2016

Gov. Haley delivers solid GOP response

January 13 2016

Way to Go, Oregon! State becomes first to offer "OTC" birth control

January 8 2016

Little Sisters of the Poor, Obama Administration to face off at Supreme Court

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Please Mr. Trump, Stop the Name-Calling

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Women Saved Money on Birth Control - Or Did They?

July 8 2015

Congratulations to the U.S. Women's Soccer Team!

July 6 2015

Uh-Oh: Cover Oregon in Trouble with Oversight Committee

July 2 2015

Small Businesswoman Stands Up for Her Intellectual Property Rights

May 18 2015

Cover Oregon Uncovered: More Revelations from Kitzhaber's Communications Director

May 7 2015

Earth Day Confessions (and Questions) from a Skeptic

April 22 2015

Medicare Reforms Become Law

April 17 2015

Working for Women Podcast 5 • "Equal Pay Day" + the Wage Gap

April 10 2015

Buzzfeed Video Gets Wage Gap Wrong

April 9 2015

SCOTUS Rejects IPAB Case

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"Benevolent Sexism" is B.S.

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The Emma Watson UN Speech

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Hobby Lobby's Supreme Court Victory

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Liberal Confusion on ObamaCare's Employer Mandate

May 14 2014

Paycheck Fairness Act: Not Good for Paychecks or Fairness

April 7 2014

Happy International Women's Day!

March 8 2014

"White House Equal Pay Day" Pokes at Wage Gap Hypocrisy

February 20 2014

Sound of Music Scores Huge Ratings

December 6 2013

Thank You, Sarah Josepha Hale

November 27 2013

Unemployment Numbers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

November 8 2013

My Experience with HealthCare.gov

October 29 2013

ObamaCare - Back in Court

October 22 2013

It's Not a "Glitch"

October 1 2013

ObamaCare's War on (Working) Spouses

August 21 2013

Alternative to ObamaCare?

August 6 2013

Obama Saves the Day: Exempts Congress and Staff from ObamaCare

August 2 2013

Today in DC: "Women Speak" Rally

August 1 2013

Happy National Girlfriends Day!

August 1 2013

Howard Dean: "Health Care Rationing Body" Won't Work

July 29 2013

UPDATE: Hobby Lobby Heads Back to Court

July 19 2013

McDonald's, Profit, Wages, and Growth

July 19 2013

American Way of Birth

July 2 2013

Hobby Lobby Wins Restraining Order

July 1 2013

IWF on Capitol Hill - Setting the Record Straight on "Wage Gap"

June 10 2013

ObamaCare's Young and Restless

June 7 2013

The Economy is Not a Game of Girls Versus Boys

June 4 2013

Hobby Lobby Goes to Appeals Court Today

May 23 2013

Rate Increases: Real Steep, Real Scary, Real Soon

April 29 2013

Debt Deniers: Economically Impaired or Political Cowards?

April 29 2013

Is Beauty Anti-Feminist?

April 19 2013

Hate School, Love Education?

April 17 2013

Sebelius Admits Health Costs Will Rise

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Another Perspective on Ryan's "Draconian Cuts"

March 12 2013

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Is it the "End of Courtship?"

January 14 2013

ObamaCare's "Loophole:" Double-Digit Premium Spikes

January 7 2013

The Truth about the Violence Against Women Act

January 3 2013


January 2 2013

Bobby Jindal: Birth Control Should be OTC

December 17 2012

Identity Politics, Even in Sports

December 14 2012

Michigan Considers Right to Work

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ObamaCare Regulations: Coal in our Economic Stocking

December 10 2012

Let's Talk Marriage Penalties

December 10 2012

NFL Tragedy Becomes Gun Control Talking Point

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Suzanne Venker's "The War on Men"

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The Start-Up Slow Down

November 26 2012

"I, Pencil" Essay Becomes a Film

November 15 2012

Jobless Claims Rise to Highest Level Since April 2011

November 15 2012

Remember, Remember ObamaCare in November

November 5 2012

The Message We Haven't Heard

November 5 2012

Women's Unemployment Rises from 7.5 Percent to 7.7 Percent

November 2 2012

Medicaid is on the Ballot, but Which Race?

October 30 2012

Binders of Women: Romney Failed Too

October 17 2012

Taxes: A Women's Issue

October 15 2012

"This is Personal" - This is Paternalistic

October 10 2012

NYT Opinion: ObamaCare = A Conservative Idea

October 1 2012

Q2 GDP Revised Down to Measly 1.3

September 27 2012

Morning After Pill Now Available to NYC High Schoolers

September 24 2012

The Sad Thing about Romney's 47 Percent Remarks

September 19 2012

Jessica Alba, Please Don't Be a Crony

August 28 2012

Medicare - A Choice of Two Futures

August 13 2012

Single Women Are Not That "Complicated"

August 7 2012

Millennials, Voting, and Self-Interest

August 1 2012

Doctor Shortage: Care v. Insurance

July 30 2012

CBO Math on ObamaCare Explained

July 24 2012

Obama Unilaterally Undermines 1990's Welfare Reforms

July 18 2012

Yahoo! Hires Pregnant(!) CEO

July 17 2012

New Paper Reveals ObamaCare's Potentially Fatal Flaw

July 16 2012

Happy 91st Birthday, Nancy Reagan!

July 6 2012

Two Types of ObamaCare Supporters

June 29 2012

Capitol Hill Responds to Health Law Ruling

June 28 2012

Health Care: What Does Today's Ruling Mean?

June 28 2012

Hot Day at the Supreme Court, but No Tamale

June 25 2012

ObamaCare Fans Suddenly Concerned for Big, Bad Insurance Companies

May 16 2012

Three Ways ObamaCare Hurts Women (And Men!)

May 15 2012

In Praise of Single Mothers?

May 15 2012

Consumer Spending Slows: Good News or Bad News?

May 14 2012

How to Buy Votes with Health Insurance Rebates

May 11 2012

Businesses, States Hedge Bets on ObamaCare SCOTUS Decision

May 10 2012

"Julia" is Sexist Propaganda

May 3 2012

May Day for ObamaCare

May 1 2012

President Obama Visits Chapel Hill to Perform with Dave Matthews Band and Jimmy Fallon

April 24 2012

Food Nannies vs. Freedom of Speech

April 24 2012

"Equal Pay Day" or Tax Day - Which Concerns Women More?

April 17 2012

Esquire is Right - and Wrong - about "War Against Youth"

April 5 2012

The Health Reform War Will Come Back

April 3 2012

Medicaid - the Gun to the Head

March 30 2012

Supreme Court Protesters Show ObamaCare's True Colors

March 29 2012

Day Three at SCOTUS: Is the Mandate Severable?

March 28 2012

Judgment Day for the Individual Mandate

March 27 2012

One Day Down: Anti-Injunction Arguments

March 26 2012

Women Are Taxpayers??

March 20 2012

Medicaid Flexibility for States - A Real Possibility?

March 8 2012

Happy International Women's Day!

March 8 2012

Lies Part 2

March 1 2012

No Statistics: Just Lies and Damned Lies

March 1 2012

Leap Day Tradition: Female Proposals

February 29 2012

The GOP's Tone-Deaf Hearing

February 17 2012

Help! North Carolina is Waging "War on Women!"

February 16 2012

CPAC Live Blog: ObamaCare, ObamaCare, ObamaCare

February 10 2012

CPAC Live Blog: Give Me Liberty and Give Me Fairness

February 9 2012

Butting Heads over Birth Control

February 9 2012

CPAC Live Blog: It's the Spending, Stupid!

February 9 2012

Employer Health Insurance Mandates Are Also a Recipe for High Unemployment

February 7 2012

Komen Reverses Decision on Planned Parenthood Funding

February 3 2012

Job Creation Engine Tries to Start - Is There Fuel?

February 3 2012

Poll Reveals Strong Majority Oppose Individual Mandate

February 1 2012

How Far is it from School Choice to Health Care Choice?

January 30 2012

SOTU Live Blog: "Their Fair Share"

January 24 2012

SOTU Live Blog: Let's Support Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups!

January 24 2012

SOTU Live Blog: Obama's Biggest Fan

January 24 2012

School Choice: An End to the Culture Wars?

January 24 2012

The Sad Reality of "The Bachelor"

January 19 2012

Keystone Rejection is an XL Mistake

January 18 2012

ObamaCare is a Regulation Machine

January 17 2012

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be... Doctors?

January 9 2012

The End of Affirmative Action?

January 5 2012

Chief Justice Defends Recusal Process in Year-End Report

January 3 2012

Before and After: The Payroll Tax Holiday Season

December 22 2011

Pilot Medicaid Reforms in Florida See Success

December 21 2011

America Is Still Number One... In Charitable Giving

December 20 2011

Will State-Level Health Insurance Exchanges Be Ready on Time?

December 19 2011

More Young Adults Have Health Insurance (Thanks to Mom and Dad)

December 16 2011

Jobs Through Growth, Growth Through Tax and Regulatory Reform

December 13 2011

Fending for Ourselves: The Liberal Lie in Place of Strong Families, Society

December 8 2011

Women CEOs Agree: Uncertainty is a Job Killer

December 5 2011

Unemployment Decreases: Time to "Step on the Gas"

December 2 2011

ObamaCare: Bad News for Sick Workers

November 30 2011

Shocking New Study: Men Think About Other Things Besides Sex

November 28 2011

For National Thanksgiving Holiday, Thank... A Woman!

November 23 2011

No Word from NOW on OWS Sexual Assaults

November 22 2011

ObamaCare - A Small Biz Nightmare

November 18 2011

New Report Examines Why Kagan Should Recuse Herself from ObamaCare Cases

November 9 2011

Entitlement Reform Is Not About Grandma

November 7 2011

Unemployment Rate "Dips" to 9 Percent

November 4 2011

Wheat, Weed, and Other Reasons to be Optimistic about ObamaCare's Day in Court

November 3 2011

Public Opinion of ObamaCare Hits All-Time Low

October 31 2011

CLASS Act Hearing Shows the Arrogance of Government

October 26 2011

Super Committee Should Avoid Health Entitlement Glut this Thanksgiving

October 24 2011

Even DOJ Says Don't Sever ACA's Individual Mandate

October 21 2011

Harry Reid: Private Sector Jobs "Doing Just Fine"

October 20 2011

Obama Travels to NC to Defend His Policies

October 18 2011

ObamaCare: A CLASS in Accounting Tricks

October 17 2011

"Miss Representation" – A Valuable Message or More Women-as-Victim Whining?

October 13 2011

A Nobel Prize for Economists Who Undercut Keynesianism

October 12 2011

Economic Freedom, Not Wealth Redistribution, Will Solve the Problem of Poverty

October 3 2011

Supreme Court ObamaCare Cert Petitions Abound This Week

September 29 2011

New Survey: Health Insurance Premiums Surge, Young Adults Back on Mom and Dad's Plan

September 27 2011

Deadline Today for En Banc Petition in Florida Case

September 26 2011

GOP Debate: Mandates and Mulligans

September 13 2011

IWF Event Livestream: Women and Technology

September 9 2011

Fourth Circuit Offers Disappointing Defense of ObamaCare

September 8 2011

Why Federal Infrastructure Projects Are a Bad Idea

September 2 2011

Bad Summer for ObamaCare

August 31 2011

For Youth, Slow Economy Means 'No We Can't'

August 31 2011

Hurricane Irene Won't Improve the Economy

August 29 2011

Why Not to Soak the Rich

August 23 2011

Despite Taxpayer-Funded PR Campaign, ObamaCare Remains Unpopular

August 22 2011

The Individual Mandate Ruling - Round III

August 18 2011

Let's Celebrate the 19th Amendment Today and on Election Day

August 18 2011

The Individual Mandate Ruling - Round II

August 17 2011

It Seems Even Obama Regrets ObamaCare

August 17 2011

The Individual Mandate Ruling - Round I

August 16 2011

Victory for Liberty in 11th Circuit Ruling on ObamaCare

August 12 2011

U.K. Riots: Millennials Need Community, Family

August 12 2011

ObamaCare Deficit-Neutral? What a Joke!

August 11 2011

ALEC is Pro-Woman

August 8 2011

Get to Work Girls!

July 28 2011

Never Heard of the Debt Ceiling?

July 26 2011

What Millennials Want

July 25 2011

India's First "Slut Walk" Renamed "PrideStride for Women"

July 25 2011

ObamaCare Could "Firewall" Middle Class Families

July 22 2011

The Mike Schikman Show: Rationing Board Spells Doom for Medicare

July 19 2011

ObamaCare's Rationing Board Spells Doom for Medicare

July 12 2011

Unhappy Birthday Medicare

July 1 2011

Medicaid Block Grants: Good for States, Beneficiaries, and Taxpayers

July 1 2011

Breaking News: Appellate Court Rules ObamaCare Constitutional

June 29 2011

"Mystery Shoppers" Coming to a Doctor Near You

June 28 2011

Careful what you tell... your doctor?

June 17 2011

Obama"Care" Doesn't Care about Kids on Medicaid

June 16 2011

New Interactive Health Care Lawsuit Timeline!

June 15 2011

Let's Talk about this "Slutwalk" Stuff

June 14 2011

CBN News: The Economy and the 2012 Race

June 12 2011

ObamaCare: This is Why We Have Judicial Review

June 9 2011

PJTV: Obamacare Surprise!

June 8 2011

Eleventh Circuit to Hear Florida Case Tomorrow

June 7 2011

Apply the Success of Welfare Reform to Medicaid

June 6 2011

You Should Sign Up for the Daily Dose

June 3 2011

Appellate Courts Weigh ObamaCare

June 2 2011

Coffee and Markets: Challenging Obamacare

June 2 2011

What's Up with Terry Lowry: Are Christian Conservatives Wrong to Cut Spending for Social Programs?

May 31 2011

Tar Heels Fans Forced to Give Money to Duke

May 26 2011

Religion and Politics: Conversation Good, Condemnation Bad

May 23 2011

Paid-Sick-Leave Mandates Miss the Point

May 18 2011

Are Profits Moral?

May 17 2011

Health Care Lawsuits: Against the Odds

May 10 2011

Tomorrow in Richmond

May 9 2011

Health Care Compacts: Reform from the States

May 2 2011

Docs 4 Patient Care Leader Recognized

April 28 2011

Natural Born or Not: Let's Talk Leadership

April 27 2011

Regulation is Robbing Us of $1.75 Trillion

April 21 2011

Re: Emerging Adults

April 21 2011

Parents Can Stop the Sexy Trends in Children's Clothing

April 20 2011

Arizona Legislature Leads with Free-Market Health Reform

April 18 2011

Today is Actually "Tax Freedom Day"

April 12 2011

Obama Can't Think Outside of the Tax-Hike Box

April 12 2011

Countdown Until Shutdown

April 8 2011

Bad for Doctors, Awful for You and Me

April 8 2011

Obama's Signature is the Only 1099 Paperwork Left

April 6 2011

The Only Thing Crazier Than Ryan's Cuts

April 5 2011

Federalism "on Life Support"

April 4 2011

Government Shutdown is Completely Avoidable

March 31 2011

Governed by Laws, Not by Men

March 28 2011

Welfare Reform: Necessary AND Good

March 25 2011

Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America

March 24 2011

Not-So-Happy Birthday, ObamaCare.

March 23 2011

ObamaCare Unlikely to Gain Popularity... During Tax Season

March 22 2011

Check Out the New Health Care Lawsuits Map!

March 10 2011

IWF in the News: Are Obamacare's Health-insurance Exchange Requirements Unconstitutional?

March 9 2011

Whines from Wisconsin vs. Basic Economics

March 3 2011

Atlas Shrugged (the Movie!) More Relevant Now Than Ever

March 2 2011

Shocking New Study: Government is Inefficient

March 1 2011

The Andy Caldwell Show: America Needs Kitchen-Table Budgeting

February 28 2011

Motion to Clarify ObamaCare

February 24 2011

Pre-Adult Boys (and Girls)

February 22 2011

America Needs Kitchen-Table Budgeting

February 22 2011

Christie: Fiscal Leader in Word and in Deed

February 17 2011

Snow Storm to Affect 31 States; ObamaCare Legal Storm to Affect All 50

February 1 2011

Senate to Vote on Repeal of Health Law

February 1 2011

Bring On the ObamaCare Deficit Debate

January 31 2011

A Tidal Wave of Waivers

January 27 2011

"Don't Tell Me Words Don't Matter."

January 25 2011

State of the Union - If Only...

January 25 2011

RTV: Social Security and the Budget

January 24 2011

One-Size-Fits-All Health Care Hurts Special Needs Kids

January 21 2011

Preexisting Confusion

January 19 2011

Half the States in the Union are Suing the Federal Government

January 12 2011

We're "Entitled" to More National Debt

January 12 2011

ObamaCare Repeal - The Great "Cost" of Common Sense

January 10 2011

The ObamaCare Jobs Report

January 6 2011

A Chance at a Clean Drawing Board on Health Reform

January 4 2011

It's January for ObamaCare

January 3 2011

"Compromise" for Christmas, New Challenges in the New Year

December 24 2010

"Compromise" for Christmas, New Challenges in the New Year

December 24 2010

The Government Formula... and Breastfeeding

December 23 2010

Santa Baby... Defund ObamaCare.

December 22 2010

Congratulations to the UConn Women's Team

December 22 2010

ObamaCare Meets Obstacles: Funding and Public Opinion

December 21 2010

Hunting for Millionaires in Oregon

December 21 2010

Teachers Should Think Twice Before Supporting ObamaCare

December 20 2010

Who Rocks the House?

December 16 2010

One is the Loneliest Number

December 16 2010

Today in Florida - Who Rules the U.S.?

December 16 2010

ObamaCare Meets Checks and Balances

December 13 2010

Same Old Same Old: Wealth Envy

December 10 2010

Decision on Avastin Has Real Consequences

December 10 2010

What's Up Doc Fix?

December 9 2010

Read My Lips... No New Spending!

December 9 2010

More than the Individual Mandate

December 7 2010

At Least Conservatives are Consistent

December 7 2010

Oh Death Where is Thy Sting?

December 6 2010

News that is Getting Old

December 3 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside. But Federal Pay is Far from Frozen.

December 3 2010

Whoa There, Tax Cuts Don't Have to Be "Deficit-Financed"

December 2 2010

Even the Marketplace of Ideas Can Be Regulated

December 2 2010

It's Hard to Admit When You're Wrong

November 29 2010

ObamaCare Keeps Poor People Poor

November 24 2010

Obama's Got My Back

November 23 2010

Oh No Please, Raise MY Taxes

November 22 2010

Parent for America

November 22 2010

Death and Spending

November 22 2010

Oh, BrownCare

November 19 2010

Reality Speaks Louder Than CEDAW

November 19 2010

Health insurers like that we are forced to do business with them

November 19 2010


November 16 2010

Shred the 1099 Provision!

November 15 2010

Waiver Frequency Indicates Bad Policy

November 15 2010

Freedom is the Only Fairness

November 10 2010

Billions of Our Sisters

November 8 2010

An Uninformed Vote Disrespects Suffragettes and our Founding Fathers

November 2 2010

Why the Wooing Won't Work

October 27 2010

Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is... My Personal Freedom

October 18 2010

Drink this Bottle to Make Government Smaller...

October 15 2010

Florida Lawsuit Against Health Reform to Continue

October 14 2010

Formal Ruling to Come Down in Florida Case

October 13 2010

�¿Qu�© Piensan los Votantes Latinos?

October 6 2010

Keeping Bad Teachers Around Discourages Newer, Better Ones

October 6 2010

I Agree With Valenti

October 5 2010

Under Law, I am an "Adult Child"

September 28 2010

Those Big, Bad, Angry, Rich People

September 21 2010

The Youngest Independents

September 20 2010

Intention Does Not Equal Outcome

September 17 2010

French Burqa Ban Passes Upper House

September 15 2010

Moving Forward in Florida

September 15 2010

Who wants to be a millionaire?

September 15 2010

Tomorrow's Hearing

September 13 2010

Labor Day Economics

September 7 2010

I'm Sorry. What?

September 1 2010

The Mike Shickman Show: The Fight For Independence Continues

August 31 2010

Do we need a second stimulus?

August 30 2010

More Economics 101

August 27 2010

Republicans Abroad: The Fight for Independence Continues

August 26 2010

New Ideas Welcome in New Orleans

August 25 2010

The Andy Caldwell Show: The Fight for Independence Continues

August 24 2010

"It just happened!"

August 20 2010

More Revenues at Lower Rates

August 20 2010

Let's Talk About "The Mandate"

August 19 2010

The Fight for Independence Continues

August 18 2010

You might be the next biggest loser

August 17 2010

Making the grade means making some changes

August 16 2010

Senator Reidl

August 12 2010

A lot of explaining to do

August 12 2010

Obama's Education Goal

August 10 2010

We should all be upset

August 9 2010

A Review of the "Five Myths"

August 3 2010

Just thought you should know...

August 3 2010

A Translation Guide to Health Care Headlines

August 2 2010

Flow-to-Nowhere Chart

July 29 2010

Texas Stretched

July 29 2010

Sinking the Ship

July 27 2010

The War of the Sexes... Let's call it off.

July 23 2010

Information Congress Shouldn't Ignore

July 21 2010

Feed the Unemployed a Fish

July 20 2010

It's economic policy, stupid.

July 16 2010

Is Sarah Palin preaching to the choir?

July 12 2010

Japanese Prophesy?

July 12 2010

¡America Eres Tú!

July 9 2010

What Not to Wear with Nicolas Sarkozy

July 7 2010

If the rest of the health care bill didn't scare you...

July 30 2009

Conservatives Want Health Care Reform, Too!

July 24 2009

States' Rights or Civil Rights?

July 23 2009

$1,000,000,000,000 for Lower Quality and Less Choice

July 17 2009

$12 Billion for Education?

July 17 2009

Vouchers help. Unions hurt.

July 13 2009

More Refreshing than a Dip in the Pool

July 13 2009

Obama and "Energy Independence"

July 8 2009

What Is the Purpose of Marriage?

July 6 2009

Million Dollar Ad Campaign in Nebraska

July 2 2009

How Much Time Does Forgiveness Take?

July 1 2009

Record Run on Wall Street and Other Good News for Americans • Cavuto Coast to Coast

January 17 2020

Jacques: Merit, not tokenism should govern women's success

January 16 2020

The Cost of Inflation: It's Time to Talk About Ways to Make Life More Affordable and Doable for Working Families

January 15 2020

New Proposal Would Allow New Parents to Collect 'Earned Leave' as an Option for Paid Family Leave

January 13 2020

Warren Backs Off on Ultra-Liberal Health Care Plan • After the Bell

December 18 2019

Inter-Party Struggle to Accept the Most Moderate Dem Candidate • Coast to Coast

December 16 2019

Bill on Criminal Insider Trading will Help Market Flourish Naturally • Making Money

December 6 2019

How Long Will One Million Last in Retirement • Making Money

November 27 2019

Business Investment Surge Points to Trust in Strong Economy • Making Money

November 20 2019

Republicans and Democrats Offer Rival Plans Regarding the Future of Health Care in America

November 20 2019

UK wait times a warning over 'right' to see the doc

November 7 2019

Insurance as a government program would jeopardize healthcare

November 4 2019

Warren Struggles to Answer How Americans Would Afford Medicare for All• After the Bell

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Unfair Trade Policies Artificially Forces Winners and Losers • Making Money with Charles Payne

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What to Look For in a New Energy Secretary • Coast to Coast

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October 3 2019

How to Fix Health Care

September 23 2019

UAW Strike Signals Uncertainty in Auto Industry • Making Money

September 16 2019

CA Putting More Restrictions on the Gig Economy • Making Money with Charles Payne

September 11 2019

America Is In a Strong Position to Negotiate with China • Making Money with Charles Payne

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Declining Union Membership Proves that Labor Market is Strong • After the Bell

August 21 2019

Getting Real About a Trade War with China: What will it look like? • Making Money with Charles Payne

August 12 2019

Currency Manipulation in China Makes Reaching Trade Deal Much Harder • Coast to Coast

August 6 2019

Optimistic New Report on Huge Economic Expansion to Come • After the Bell

July 31 2019

Bernie's Campaign Staff Unionized and Suffered the Consequences • Making Money with Charles Payne

July 22 2019

Sorry Elizabeth Warren, Women Vote Based on Policy, Not Gender Loyalty • Making Money

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Trump Ramps Up Support for Re-Election While Liberal Cities Struggle to Keep Up • After the Bell

June 19 2019

Will Elizabeth Warren Unite the Democratic Party? • Coast to Coast

June 14 2019

I'm a libertarian and I agree with AOC on over-the-counter birth control

June 12 2019

Washington Set to Investigate Tech Bias as Markets React • Making Money

June 4 2019

Under Capitalism You Can Be Voluntarily Charitable, Socialism Forces It • After the Bell

May 15 2019

Stock Market Reacts To Trumps Tweets on China • Coast to Coast

May 7 2019

Medical Expert from Canada Explains Why Elderly Will Suffer Most Under ‘Medicare for All’

May 7 2019

Good Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate at an All Time Low, Especially with Minorities • Making Money

May 3 2019

Regardless of AG Barr Report, People Have Decided How They Feel About Trump • After the Bell

April 26 2019

How Transparency in the Health Care System can Help Lower Prescription Prices • Bold Politics

April 26 2019

Democrat Party Stuck in the Past and Unhappy with their Candidates • Making Money with Charles Payne

April 19 2019

Universal Health Care: Do We Want It?

April 12 2019

Why We Should Be Optimistic About Our Relationship with China • After the Bell

April 3 2019

Paycheck Fairness Act Makes Workplaces Less Flexible and Fair

March 28 2019

No Collusion Brings Certainty Back to the Markets • Coast to Coast

March 25 2019

AOC Derangement Syndrome? Let's Keep the Focus on Policy • Making Money with Charles Payne

March 22 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand is making paid family leave a defining issue in her 2020 run

March 22 2019

Hadley Heath Manning ’10 on openness in political conversations

March 21 2019

Relationship With China at a Stand Still as Their Market Falls • After the Bell

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Environmental Public Policy Divided Across Party Lines in 2020 • Coast to Coast

March 15 2019

Trump Meets with CEOs and Focuses on Practical Solutions, Not Politics • After the Bell

March 6 2019

Looking for a Solution that is Fair For All Students in Athletics • Trish Regan Primetime

March 1 2019

Warren Buffet Changes His Mind on U.S. Debt Levels • Making Money with Charles Payne

February 25 2019

Why You Need to Call the Federal Government About Your Health Care

December 6 2019

Trump Executive Order On Medicare Draws A Contrast With Democratic Plans To Control Health Care

October 9 2019

10 Reasons Medicare For All is a Bad Idea Besides Financial Bankruptcy

September 27 2019

The Wage Gap is Misrepresented

July 19 2019

The so-called 'wage gap' doesn't apply to the women's soccer team

July 9 2019

Private Health Accounts Show The Way Forward For Health Reform

June 26 2019

Sex strikes: Stupid, wrong, ineffective

May 17 2019

The Lack of Price Transparency in Health Care is a Problem for Free Markets

May 14 2019

The UK's 'Right' to Healthcare Doesn't Stop a Racial Gap in Maternal Deaths

May 9 2019

Paycheck Fairness Act makes workplaces less flexible and fair

May 2 2019

Price transparency is key to a functional health-care market

April 17 2019

This Tax Day, Let's Build on the Success of Tax Reform

April 15 2019

‘Equal Pay Day’ Is Misleading and Counterproductive

April 3 2019

Republicans Need to Wake Up on Paid Leave

March 8 2019

How the Warren-Cortez 'Wealth Taxes' Would Undermine the Booming Economy

February 5 2019

Toxic Politics Distract from what America Needs--A Secure Border

January 22 2019

How the Left Pretends to Champion Women While Actually Erasing Them

January 18 2019

Republicans shouldn't embrace ACA rules about pre-existing conditions

November 27 2018

Who's left out of Medicare price negotiations? The patient

November 8 2018

Midterms Bring Big, But Expected, Changes to Washington

November 8 2018

A breakdown of where the Dems and GOP stand on the most critical issues

November 5 2018

Don’t blame capitalism for high health costs

August 8 2018

Trump tackles soaring prescription drug prices

May 15 2018

The Untold Story of Government's Role in the Opioid Epidemic

May 3 2018

Motherhood is not a 'penalty'

April 24 2018

US liberals won't recognize Finland's pro-work welfare reform

April 24 2018

It’s Time For A Paid Family Leave Option That Works — And This Plan Could Be It

April 23 2018

Women Talk About How Tax Cuts Are Already Improving Their Lives

April 16 2018

Every day is Equal Pay Day

April 10 2018

No matter what you call it, government-run healthcare will never work

February 27 2018

Why not turn to Social Security for paid family leave?

February 9 2018

You don't have to grow government to expand paid family leave

January 15 2018

Champion the working poor with work requirements for Medicaid

January 12 2018

Obamacare repeal coming soon? Individual mandate's end certainly makes it easier

December 22 2017

Obamacare's infantilizing of young adults is complete

December 15 2017

#MeToo isn’t the right answer to sexual misconduct

December 14 2017

Healthcare choices should be as widespread as our Thanksgiving choices

November 21 2017

The individual mandate belongs in the trash heap

November 15 2017

Our Debt to Military Spouses

November 6 2017

There’s still time to repeal, replace ObamaCare’s Medicare board

November 2 2017

Trump Executive Order on Health Care Gives Relief to Consumers

October 25 2017

Massachusetts shows rationing is inevitable when government is in charge of healthcare

October 20 2017

Opioid epidemic exposé simplifies America's real path to addiction

October 19 2017

Bipartisan agreement on healthcare might finally come, at least on this one issue

October 11 2017

Don’t let politics ruin ‘Saturday Night Live’

September 29 2017

Both Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Cassidy have erred in their ongoing debate

September 22 2017

Sanders’s single-payer plan overpromises on health care — again

September 13 2017

Tax reform is Trump's chance to right his legacy's ship

August 31 2017

Google it: men and women are different, and that's okay

August 9 2017

Government Policies Helped Create the Opioid Epidemic

August 9 2017

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