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Jenn Jacques

Visiting Fellow

Born and raised in northern rural Wisconsin, Jenn Jacques is an avid outdoors woman, target, and skeet shooter. She loves to garden and read, is a reluctant 5K runner, and happy wine taster who makes a mean charcuterie plate.

In February 2015, she became the first female editor of a Second Amendment/gun news site. As the editor of bearingarms.com, Jenn started the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence Campaign in 2016. She was named a Local Champion of Gun Safety by the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Project ChildSafe Program in 2016. As a Second Amendment supporter and defender as well as an advocate for concealed carry, she is a frequent guest on the NRA News program Cam&Co, Stinchfield, CN Live, and Dana Loesch as well as many local and nationally syndicated radio shows. Jenn's work has been covered by Townhall.com, the Washington Post, The Blaze, NRA Blog, and Women's Outdoor News.

Jenn is a wife and mother, former private detective, active in WI politics and an outspoken responsible gun owner. Her personal blog can be found at jennjacques.com. You can follow her on Twitter at @JennJacques and on Facebook at It’s Jenn Jacques!

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