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Jennifer Marsico

Visiting Fellow

Jennifer Marsico, a visiting fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, is a Senior Research Associate at AEI, working in the Political Corner.  She has written for many outside print and online publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Washington Examiner, National Review Online, and Roll Call.  Ms. Marsico has contributed to recent studies on Supreme Court continuity, voter registration modernization, and civic participation in the digital age.  She holds an M.A. in American government from Georgetown University.  She also blogs at theletterjen.blogspot.com, and is an avid NASCAR fan and knitter.

Recent Articles:

Prom Advice: Don't Let the Romanticizing Trend Warp You
May 22 2013
Jennifer Marsico

I spent the evening of my senior prom with my knight in shining armor. Literally. A couple of friends and I opted out of our prom to have dinner at Medieval Times. Total cost per person? Around fifty dollars. A big reason why we decided to skip the prom was we knew attendance entailed major costs.

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The Kinder Egg Kerfuffle
March 26 2013
Jennifer Marsico
The Daily Caller

It looks like American children will be finding a little nanny-statism in their Easter baskets this week. Is this another example of lack of government faith in parenting?

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