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Julie Gunlock

Senior Fellow, Director of Culture of Alarmism Project

Julie Gunlock is a senior fellow at Independent Women’s Forum and leads the organization’s Culture of Alarmism Project. She is the author of the book From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Makes Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back.

Before joining IWF, Gunlock served as a Professional Staff Member on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and on the House Homeland Security Committee, and on the staffs of Ohio Senators Mike DeWine, George Voinovich, and Tom Coburn. Gunlock has written about food and culture for the New York Post, the Washington Post, New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Times, National Review Magazine, National Interest Magazine, the Tampa Tribune, and Townhall.com and is a regular contributor to National Review Online, BlogHer and Huffington Post. She has offered political commentary on Fox News, TheBlaze TV and other networks and is a regular guest on local, regional and national radio programs.

She lives in Virginia with her husband and three young, active, and perpetually hungry boys.

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November 7 2017

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October 31 2017

Family’s big role in obesity

October 25 2017

How activists use moms and alarmism to advance their own cause • Cam & Co

October 24 2017

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Podcast #83 How vaping regulations harm those trying to quit smoking

June 2 2017

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IWF Joins Coalition Urging FDA Commisioner to Ease the Heavy-Handed Regulatory Approach to E-Vaping

May 23 2017

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May 23 2017

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April 5 2017

Flushable Wipes Ban + Meals On Wheels Hysteria • Cam & Co

March 21 2017

New York City Bans Flushable Wipes • RT Boom Bust

March 21 2017

President Trump's Budget Cuts to PBS and Meals on Wheels • Fox & Friends Weekend

March 20 2017

Oprah’s ‘Truth’ and Its Potentially Deadly Consequences

January 11 2018

Bob Geldof Should Write a New Tune: Do They Know They’re Starving?

December 22 2017

What London Could Learn From Los Angeles About Banning Fast Food

December 12 2017

The Disney Channel is no longer safe for our kids

December 8 2017

Samizdat GOOP Memo Reveals Plans for Image Makeover

November 28 2017

No, Bolshevik Parents Weren’t Early Free Rangers

November 7 2017

Moms Are Key to Success In Green Agitation

October 19 2017

The Moral Emptiness of Hollywood Moms

October 16 2017

Is There A Merit Badge for Gender Denial?

October 12 2017

Now, Even Your Dinner is Supposed to be Part of the #Resistance

October 10 2017

GOOP and the Media’s Double Standard on Pseudoscience

September 15 2017

Politics in the classroom

September 12 2017

Why Do Former GMO Execs Lead An Anti-GMO Lab? It’s Not A Change Of Heart

September 7 2017

No, ‘Wonder Woman’ isn’t a ‘step backwards’

August 28 2017

Male Fertility Is Not In Crisis Because Of Plastic

August 2 2017

Is Your Child Safe From Antivaccine Activists?

August 1 2017

Lassie Came Home. Lena Dunham’s Rescue Dog? ‘Re-Homed’ When He Became Inconvenient

July 11 2017

The Holderness Family Embraces Helicopter Parenting this Summer (But I Still Love Them!)

June 30 2017

Why It’s Hilariously Hypocritical For Food And Wine To Lecture About The BLT’s Carbon Footprint

June 28 2017

Say Anything. . . Just Not to a Mom?

June 26 2017

Dr. Gwyneth and Her Goop Will See You Now

June 19 2017

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June 19 2017

Why The Baby Industry Really Doesn’t Want Newborns To Sleep In Cardboard Boxes

June 12 2017

Jerry Seinfeld Reminds the World that Hugging Shouldn’t be Compulsory

June 8 2017

Hey, Michelle Obama: If You Have a Personal Chef, Don’t Criticize Regular Americans’ Food Choices

May 18 2017

Babies, Bugs, and a Great Big Scare

May 18 2017

The Unholy Alliance Between Big Biz And Big Alarmism

May 2 2017

Why Gwyneth Paltrow and Other Celebrities Shouldn’t Be Your Source for Science

April 27 2017

Are Supermodels Experts in Everything?

April 10 2017

Pity Our Overconfident Celebrities

March 23 2017

Flushing Busybody Politicians

March 16 2017

Feminism’s Problems are Bigger Than One Bad Teacher

March 15 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tries to Kill the Tooth Fairy

February 28 2017

Philly’s Drink Tax Is Hurting Consumers, Businesses, and the Poor

February 2 2017

Everything’s Political—Even Your Food Choices

February 1 2017

Salad: The Silent Killer?

January 17 2017

Mrs. Obama, We Are Not Your Kids

January 5 2017

Western Feminists Discover New Tool of the Patriarchy: Salad!

January 5 2017

USDA Demands Holiday Snacks (and Parents) Be Removed From Schools

December 19 2016

Ode To The Strip Mall

December 16 2016

Nanny Bloomberg Strikes Again

November 16 2016

Martha Stewart Snoops to A New Low

November 14 2016

Parents: Stop Scaring Your Kids About The Election

November 10 2016

Kids Don’t Like Veggies. So What?

November 2 2016

New York State PTA’s Inane Panic Over GMOs in School Lunches

October 24 2016

‘Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals’ Are Not A Global Health Scourge

October 20 2016

Lets All Be Reasonable Moms

October 12 2016

The Nuisance Of Alarmist Litigation

September 27 2016

The Unsung Virtues of the Old-Fashioned Family Photo Album

September 23 2016

The Silliest Teen 'Rebels' Ever

September 17 2016

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