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Kristen Soltis

Senior Fellow

Kristen Soltis is the director of policy research for The Winston Group, a DC-based polling and strategic consulting firm. She has appeared on MSNBC, CNN International, and PBS, and has published commentary in The DailyThe Washington ExaminerPOLITICO, and The Orlando Sentinel as well as numerous blogs such as Pollster.com and National Review's "The Corner." She is the regular co-host of Bloggingheads.tv's "The Week in Blog," PJTV's "Washington Watch," and Variety's "Wilshire & Washington" online shows. 

Soltis earned her Master's in government from Johns Hopkins University, and has been published in the journal American Politics Research. She has been a panelist at the American Enterprise Institute and the Institute for Humane Studies. She is currently on the board of the America's Future Foundation and is vice-chair of strategic planning for the Junior League of Washington. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida.

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