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March 29 2011

Title IX in the News

Allison Kasic

-The effort to save men's cross country and outdoor track and field at the University of Delaware has a new website -- check it out.

-Football gets blamed a lot in the Title IX reform debate, mostly by supporters of the status quo. The line is basically that if schools didn't choose to put so much resources into football, they wouldn't have to cut men's gymnastics, wrestling, etc. As I've pointed out many a time here on the blog, this misses the point entirely. Quotas are the problem, not football. Football only creates a challenge for schools to get the participating numbers to balance out because the government-designed measure of compliance (proportionality) is rigid, ill-functioning, and not designed to actually identify cases of discrimination. This is hardly football's fault. And in terms of all the money spent on football, that's true in a lot of cases, but it's only one side of the coin: football teams also bring in a lot of money. Our friends over at Saving Sports point to some new reporting in Forbes that looks at revenues and costs from the BCS conferences and finds, surprise!, almost all of the schools make profits off football. Add in men's basketball and you get even more profits. So, if you want to talk about costs, fine. But you have to also talk about revenue. The notion that football programs are bankrupting schools and robbing other athletes of opportunities is ridiculous.

-Over at Saving Sports, Eric McErlain points to more nonsense in the form of Title IX interference in high school booster clubs.

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