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December 10 2012

Androgyny Watch: Article on Gender-Neutral Toy Catalogue Creates a Stir

Charlotte Hays

Since the matter of not forcing little boys to play with dolls or little girls to play with fire trucks is dear to our hearts at IWF, I just want to note what a stir Christina Hoff Sommers’ Atlantic article on the gender-neutral Swedish toy catalog has created.

The headline is "You Can Give a Boy a Doll, but You Can't Make Him Play with It."

More than 2200 readers had "recommended" the article, which made it onto the Atlantic's "Most Popular" list for two days, at last count. It’s been endlessly commented on and tweeted.

Byron York, for example, tweeted:

Boys will be boys and girls girls? Not when the Toy Police are involved. Christinia Hoff Sommers on trend in Sweden

RealClearScience.Com  linked it under the title “Give a boy a doll, he will rip its head off."   

And David Frum posted an excerpt from the article on the Daily Beast.

If you have a feminist ideologue in your family, you might want to urge her to read this before she goes Christmas shopping.



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