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August 21 2013

Dr. Phil's Mis-tweet

Charlotte Hays

Dr. Phil is in need of some tough love.

So here goes: Dr. Phil, it is really dumb to send out a tweet asking if it is okay to have sex with a girl if she’s drunk.

So here's Dr. Phil’s now-infamous tweet:

If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply @ drphil

The tweet was quickly deleted when it evoked evoked outrage.

Still, I can’t help quoting some of the responses Dr. Phil received:

Aren’t you married?

Are you “asking for a friend”?

Is it okay if you blame a tweet on some intern you just fired?

Joking aside, I shall answer Dr. Phil’s question: No, it is not all right to have sex with a girl who is intoxicated. Nor is it okay for girls to get so intoxicated that they do things they might otherwise not do.

I imagine that Dr. Phil’s question, ill-considered as it was, was pegged to recent changes in how sexual activity on campus is handled. A girl who has had a few glasses of wine can consent to sex, wake up the next morning and decide that it was all a big mistake and then claim she was raped. Under current law, that charge is likely to fly. 

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