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April 29 2014

The Factual Feminist: "Advocacy Research" Has Produced Bogus Statistics on Campus Sexual Violence

Charlotte Hays

The Factual Feminist is back: In this installment the Factual Feminist—also known as Christina Hoff Sommers—takes on false statistics about rape.

President Obama, whose administration is releasing recommendations on college sexual assault today, and others often cite a Center for Disease Control statistic that one in five American women has been raped. Hoff Sommers says that this statistic is “wildly at odds” with figures from the Department of Justice’s Annual Crime Survey, the gold standard when it comes to crime statistics.

A small sample and vaguely-worded questions on the CDC survey, the FF says, vastly inflated the number of women who have been victims of sexual assault on campus.

Calling for accurate numbers to deal with “the scourge of sexual violence,” Hoff Sommers explains in a brisk, jargon-free video how the oft-cited one in five number was reached through "advocacy research."

If you aren't already a fan of the Factual Feminist, we urge you to make her acquaintance.  

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