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March 18 2015

More Flexibility for School Lunches

Julie Gunlock

It looks like school lunch reform is in the news again, and I’m glad to hear that Rep. Kristi Noem has introduced a bill aimed at giving local authorities more flexibility when it comes to creating food that kids might actually eat.

Appearing on Morning Joe today, Rep. Noem explained how the reforms passed by Congress in 2010 make it extremely difficult for school lunch personnel to make the food taste good. She highlighted how Washington limits calories, meat and other proteins, grains, and sodium levels to the point that they can’t even put milk or cheese on the menus anymore. 

I’m glad to see Congress working to give local officials a say in how they run the school lunch program. Now, if we could just get a politician to remind people that ultimately, parents should be the ones responsible for feeding kids.

Watch Rep. Noam's appearance here:

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