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January 21 2016

Person Overboard! Person Overboard!

Charlotte Hays

The world seems to be getting more dangerous every day, but fortunately the U.S. Navy is engaged in something serious: gender-neutral language.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has asked the Navy to study whether the word "man" can be changed in job descriptions. John McCain, who comes from a Navy family and served in the Navy, has been critical. "The United States Navy and Marine Corps have too many real enemies to defeat and deter," he said.

The Daily Mail reports that John Richardson, the Chief of Naval Operations, is nevertheless looking at uses of the word "man," which appears in 20 Navy titles.

Evan Lips reports that when Mabus spoke at the University of Mexico's Center for Emerging Energy Technologies recently, his topic was gender-neutral "integration efforts." I feel safer already knowing that midshippersons are protecting me on the high seas,




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