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February 14 2018

A Husband's Tribute to His Wife, a Holocaust Survivor Who Knew She Could Do Anything She Wanted to Do

by Charlotte Hays

No sooner had I posted an item on Valentine's Day and marriage than this lovely tribute from a husband to his wife came my way.

Oddly, it may appear to some, George Reisman beautiful piece about his wife, Edith Packer, who died on February 4th, appears on his blog that deals with economics, politics and culture and admires Ayn Rand, hardly thought of as a great romantic.

But it is a wonderful memorial for a wife who who was a Holocaust survivor and psychologist and therapist for 48 years.

Here is the crux of Edith Packer's life:

She believed from the very beginning that she was a full-fledged person, or destined to become a full-fledged person when she grew up, not just a baby-making auxiliary to a full-fledged person, traditionally believed to be only men. Even as a very young child, she possessed profound, deep-seated independent judgment and believed that she was capable of doing or becoming anything she wanted to. She always had the strength to stand up and fight for whatever she believed in.

It's a nice tribute anytime of the year, but especially nice to read on this day.


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