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Join IWF to support political freedom, economic liberty and personal responsibility.


For over two decades - through the generous support of people like you -- Independent Women's Forum (IWF) has provided a voice for the important issues affecting us all.

IWF strives to be the go to source for information for and about women on public policy. As you can see from our research areas, we cover everything from taxes and government spending to health care and education to government regulation and free speech. IWF knows that all issues are women's issues. We provide a voice for women who are often overlooked or ignored by the mainstream media: women who believe in limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility.

We need your help to continue our work, so hope you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.



Donation Options:

1. Donate online - click here. 

2. If you would like to pay by credit card, but would prefer not to do so online, click here to download a PDF to mail in.

Independent Women's Forum
Attn: Amber Schwartz
1875 I Street, NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20006
(202)857-5201  (phone)
(202)429-9574 (fax) 

3. Mail Checks to:

Independent Women's Forum
1875 I Street, NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20006

4.  Donate via PayPal



5.  If you or someone you know works for the Federal Government, you may donate to the Independent Women's Forum via the Combined Federal Campaign. Our number is: 12235.

6.  Matching Gifts, Stock Contributions, and Bequests

Many employers sponsor corporate matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions that their employees make. Your gift to IWF may double or possibly triple! Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

If your employer provides matching gifts, you should contact your company's human resources department to enroll. Companies have various methods by which you can submit your matching gift request -- online forms, automated phone systems or an application form that you submit to IWF. If your company uses a matching gift application form, please complete and sign the form and send it to IWF. We'll do the rest!

7.  Gifts of Appreciated Stock

If you have owned stock for more than one year and it has appreciated in value, you may be able to use the current value of the stock as a charitable donation. A gift of stock is easily accomplished through electronic transfer. You or your broker should contact Pete Lips, 540.888.4752 with your account information.

8.  Remember IWF in Your Will

A simple, commonly used method to ensure IWF's legacy is naming the Independent Women's Forum as a beneficiary in your will. One may specify a certain sum of money, specific property, a fixed percentage of your estate, or all or part of the estate after bequests to other beneficiaries have been made. Alternatively, one may consider naming IWF as a beneficiary in your living trust, life insurance, or pension plan.


For any questions on these alternative giving methods, please contact IWF's Director of Development Amber Schwartz, 703.304.2046 or Amber.Schwartz@iwf.org

IIndependent Women's Forum is an educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. IWF is the sister organization of the Independent Women’s Voice.​
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