May 29 2013

FACT SHEET: HHS Contraceptives Mandate

In 2012, HHS mandated that employer-sponsored insurance include comprehensive coverage for contraceptives. What will the consequences of such a mandate be?

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April 9 2013

FACT SHEET: Fracking and the Clean Energy Boom

New advancements in fracking technology have sparked an affordable, clean energy boom that has led to newly created jobs, lower energy prices, and has significantly reduced America's carbon emissions. 

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February 10 2013

FACT SHEET: Violence Against Women Act

Get the facts on the Violence Against Women Act. Valuable legislation to keep women from harm? Or misguided law with serious flaws?

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October 5 2012

FACT SHEET: Women and the Economy

The unemployment rate changes slightly every month.  What does that number mean?  What about women's unemployment?  How can we create a better economic situation for women?

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August 28 2012

FACT SHEET: The Wage Gap

In the United States, the average working woman earns about three-quarters as much money as the average man.  Is this evidence of discrimination?  Or something else?

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May 21 2012

FACT SHEET: Paycheck Fairness

Check out the IWF Fact Sheet on the Paycheck Fairness Act.  Would this bill really make women's wages more fair?

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May 4 2012

FACT SHEET: Lilly Ledbetter

The President says the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is helpful to women.  What does the law actually do?  Find out with this new fact sheet from IWF.

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