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November 16 2012

Statement: Twinkie-Gate.. Union Intransigence Adds to Crippling Unemployment Rolls

Victoria Coley


Union Intransigence Adds to Crippling Unemployment Rolls

Gunlock: "The shuttering of Hostess Brands Inc. illustrates stunning union intransigence at a time of record levels of unemployment."

Washington, D.C. -- Announced today, Hostess Brands Inc., maker of Twinkies, Ho Hos, Wonder Bread, and a number of other sugary snacks, will be going out of business and closing its production plants across the country. The report comes on the heels of a week-long worker strike that didn't cease before the Thursday evening deadline. 

Julie Gunlock, Director of Women for Food Freedom at Independent Women's Forum, issued the following statement:

"This issue is bigger than the nation’s loss of a treasured childhood treat.  The shuttering of Hostess Brands illustrates stunning union intransigence at a time of record levels of unemployment.

"This will be a difficult time for the approximately 18,000 Americans who will soon be former employees of Hostess Brands. These food industry workers will soon be placed on the unemployment rolls, which according to Labor Department figures released yesterday, are at the highest level in 18-months. 

"Members of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union need to ask themselves, who is looking out for them and their families during these tough economic times?  It certainly isn’t the Union."

From IWF Inkwell: Why do Unions Hate Kids?


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