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A new college sexual assault survey may shine some light on the controversial '1 in 5' statistic

April 24 2015
Business Insider

Mindy Kaling’s brother illustrates flaws of affirmative action

April 24 2015
New York Post

Expert: GOP's alternative actually is different

April 21 2015
One News Now

A new surevey on 28 colleges could shed light on a controversial rape statistic

April 21 2015
Business Insider

Wellness program incentives? Better than ObamaCare

April 20 2015
One News Now

Hillary’s 2016 ‘Equal Pay Day’ announcement misses the point on ‘paycheck fairness’

April 16 2015

Groups Challenge President Obama on Equal Pay for Women

April 15 2015
TWC News

7 people who know the gender “pay gap” is a misleading statistic that reflects choice, not discrimination

April 14 2015

Independent Women's Forum: 'Equal Pay Day' Is a 'Fictitious Holiday'

April 14 2015

Obama Declares Equal Pay Day, Despite History of Paying Women Less

April 14 2015

Clinton throws hat in ring, to run for US president

April 14 2015
Deccan Herald

The Lefts Middle-Class Problem

April 8 2015
National Review

One News Now: Relief from ObamaCare penalties: The gift that keeps on giving

April 6 2015
One News Now

Relief from ObamaCare penalties: The gift that keeps on giving

April 6 2015
One News Now

One News Now: Democrat-pushed 'sign-up opportunity' ends April 30

April 3 2015
One News Now

The new women warriors: Reviving the fight for equal rights

April 2 2015

CCTV America: Cost of Post-Delivery Care a Growing Concern

April 1 2015

SF Gate: California Fair Pay Bill Could Benefit Silicon Valley Latinas

March 30 2015
SF Gate

The Internet Outrage Machine Is Finally Ready for Hillary

March 29 2015
New Republic

Gov't minding 'minutiae' of NY daycares

March 27 2015
One News Now

Hillary Clinton: 72 percent of Americans say she’ll run for president, only 42 percent want her to

March 24 2015
Washington Times

"War on Women": Democrats say it's back, while Republicans say it's over.

March 22 2015
PBS To the Contrary


March 19 2015

GOP Women Declare War on Women Over

March 17 2015
The Daily Beast

Republican women say ‘War No More,’ but the men keep shooting their mouths off

March 16 2015
The Washington Post

Concerned Women for America: The 'War on Women' Is Over

March 16 2015

New York Post: If You Don't Want Your Kid To Be A Narcissist, Get Tougher Now

March 14 2015
New York Post

Should Pregnancy Be A 'Qualifying Life Event' For Insurance Coverage?

March 11 2015
Yahoo Health

Huffington Post: Germany's New Boardroom Gender Quota Could Be A Model For Other Countries

March 10 2015
Huffington Post

Life Site: Best distortion in an awards speech: and the Oscar goes to…

February 24 2015
Life Site

Newsmax: Report: Hillary Paid Women on Her Senate Staff Less Than Men

February 23 2015

Washington Examiner: Female Millionaire Claims American Women Don't Have Equal Rights

February 23 2015
Washington Examiner

Breitbart: Conservative Women's Group To Arquette: Women Already Have Equal Rights, Hollywood Sexist

February 23 2015

One News Now: Are Dems looking for cover on ObamaCare fines?

February 19 2015
One News Now

One News Now: Comments Coming on Obamacare But There Are Questions, TooA 'positive step' toward fixing a 'broken' Medicare system

January 30 2015
One News Now

Reason: Congressional Dems Propose New Food-Safety Super Agency

January 29 2015

Newsy: Obama Nixes 529 Tax Plan After Facing Bipartisan Criticism

January 28 2015

The Tyler Morning Telegraph: New Economic Term is Old Economic Idea

January 24 2015
The Tyler Morning Telegraph

U.S. News & World Report: Mixed Response to Obama's Paid Leave Legislation

January 22 2015
U.S. News & World Report

Daily Caller: IWF To Obama: Women Don’t Need A Savior

January 21 2015
Daily Caller

One News Now: Comments Coming on Obamacare But There Are Questions, Too

January 20 2015
One News Now

The Washington Post: Parental Leave Expanded for Federal Workers

January 17 2015
The Washington Post

Bloomberg Businessweek: Can the U.S. Ever Fix Its Messed-Up Maternity Leave System?

January 15 2015
Bloomberg Businessweek

The Hill: Groups Hail Obama's Paid Leave Order

January 15 2015
The Hill

Politico Morning Agriculture: 01/13/15

January 13 2015
Politico Morning Agriculture

New York Times: The Complicated Origins of ‘Having It All’

January 2 2015
New York Times

One News Now: Just in time for Christmas, USDA warns about cookie dough

December 23 2014
One News Now

One News Now: Is the price paid for ObamaCare a good value?

December 17 2014
One News Now

The Federalist: Let’s Not Throw Away Feminism—Let’s Reclaim It

December 5 2014
The Federalist

One News Now: Quality of Care More Important Than Numbers

November 25 2014
One News Now

Wall Street Journal: Notable & Quotable: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

November 21 2014
Wall Street Journal

Washington Examiner: Hirsi Ali slams feminism's 'trivial BS'

November 20 2014
Washington Examiner

New York Post: Republicans welcome grand ol' gals with open arms

November 7 2014
New York Post

NeW: Author Interview: Carrie Lukas, Lean Together

November 3 2014
Network of Enlightened Women

John Stossel: It’s really difficult to ‘throw the bums out’

October 29 2014
John Stossel Syndicated Column

Charlotte Observer: Kay Hagan, Thom Tillis set their sights on reeling in female support

October 9 2014
McClatchy | Charlotte Observer

One News Now: Warning: ObamaCare employer mandates will affect insurance market

October 9 2014
One News Now

NY Metro Parents: How To Maintain A Healthy Attitude In The Culture of Alarmism

October 9 2014
NY Metro Parents

One News Now: Soda companies surprise with plans for sugar cutback

September 26 2014
One News Now

New York Post: Hermione doesn’t hate men

September 24 2014
New York Post

New York Post: Beyond the same old 'women's agenda'

September 24 2014
New York Post

HLN TV: Parents weigh in: Is spanking your child OK?

September 19 2014

Market Watch: Women, Get Real: Here's The New Feminists' Manifesto

September 19 2014
Market Watch

The New American: U.S. Tax Code Puts America 32nd Out of 34 Countries

September 15 2014
The New American

U.S. News & World Report: Ray Rice Is a Reminder Why Congress Passed the Violence Against Women Act

September 11 2014
U.S. News & World Report

One News Now: IWF questions government-approved work papers

September 10 2014
One News Now

One News Now: What a concept: States accountable for medical costs

September 9 2014
One News Now

Washington Post Sunday Magazine: The Gillibrand mystique: Is memoir a step along presidential pathway?

September 7 2014
Washington Post Magazine (Sunday)

The Blaze: ‘It’s Not Science, It’s Values Judgment’: How the Gov’t Could Push for More Control Over What’s on Your Plate

September 1 2014
The Blaze

One News Now: Some ObamaCare patients refused by doctors

August 7 2014
One News Now

WPTV Channel 5: House Republicans are going to war "for" women, but some people have their doubts

August 6 2014
WPTV Channel 5 News

One News Now: Oregon shows what's wrong with Medicaid expansion, says healthcare analyst

July 29 2014
One News Now

Heartland: Organizations Explore Cheap, Home-Based Early Childhood Development

July 21 2014
Heartland News

NewsBusters: MRC's Bozell Laments 'Trajectory to Oblivion' in Media's Ever-Waning Interest in VA Scandal

July 16 2014

One News Now: Judging the success of ObamaCare

July 16 2014
One News Now

Truth Out: The Assault on Organics

July 14 2014
Truth Out

Washington Examiner: The Republican plan to change the 'war on women' narrative needs work

July 13 2014
The Washington Examiner

The Washington Examiner: The Republican plan to change the 'war on women' narrative needs work

July 13 2014
The Washington Examiner

Breitbart London: How Real Women Can Fight Back Against The Left's Fake 'War on Women'

July 12 2014

Breitbart London: Drugs, Freedom, and Gambling: Welcome to Freedomfest, Las Vegas

July 11 2014
Breitbart London

The Daily Beast: Is the Campus Rape Crisis Overblown?

July 10 2014
The Daily Beast

USA Today: Colleges ignoring sexual assault, senator charges

July 9 2014
USA Today

Los Angeles Sentinel: Planned Parenthood Los Angeles Blasts Anti Birth Control Ruling

July 3 2014
Los Angeles Sentinel

Investors Business Times: Rape Culture, #YesAllWomen And Public Policy Challenged By Conservative Women’s Group

July 1 2014
Investors Business Times

Washington Post: How Justice Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby dissent helps shape the debate about reproductive vs. religious rights

July 1 2014
The Washington Post

McClatchy News: Supreme Court says some businesses can ignore birth control mandate

June 30 2014
McClatchy Washington Bureau

The Colorado Independent: Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision Knocks Up Colorado Politics

June 30 2014
Peninsula Peace and Justice Center

KTVZ News: The SCOTUS Strikes Down HHS Mandate

June 30 2014

Red Alert Politics: Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby in contraception mandate case

June 30 2014
Red Alert Politics

Business Record: Justices rule in favor of Hobby Lobby in religious exemption case

June 30 2014
Business Record

Beverly Hills Courier: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Planned Parenthood on Contraception

June 30 2014
Beverly Hills Courier

CNS News: 5-4: Americans Don’t Surrender Their Freedom When They Open a Family Business

June 30 2014
CNS News

AlJazeera America: SCOTUS: Religious employers can refuse to pay for birth control coverage

June 30 2014
Al Jazeera America

Red Alert Politics: Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby in contraception mandate case

June 30 2014

The Washington Free Beacon: Panel: Campus Rape Epidemic May Be Overblown

June 27 2014
The Washington Free Beacon

The Daily Caller: Debunking The Mystery Of THE Sexual Assault Statistic

June 27 2014
The Daily Caller

TIME: Does America really have a "rape culture"?

June 27 2014

Newsmax: IWF's Manning: Govt Case Against Hobby Lobby Difficult to Make

June 26 2014

International Business Times: Rape Culture, #YesAllWomen And Public Policy Challenged By Conservative Women's Group

June 26 2014
International Business Times

New York Daily News: Paid Family Leave: Nice, But Costly

June 25 2014
New York Daily News

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