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IWF Press Releases

Statement: Obamacare: Five Years of Failure

March 22 2015

Event Advisory: War No More Panel Featuring Rep. McMorris Rodgers, Carly Fiorina, Sabrina Schaeffer, Kellyanne Conway, Penny Nance

March 12 2015

Statement: In King v. Burwell SCOTUS Should Rule Against the IRS and Enforce ObamaCare as Written

March 4 2015

Carrie Lukas Testimony to the Connecticut Legislature Regarding H.B. 3932, an Act Concerning Paid Family and Medical Leave

March 3 2015

ADVISORY: The Future of Marriage: Does It Have One?

March 2 2015

IWF Joins Coalition Urging Congress to Draft and Pass Comprehensive Tax Reform Bill Now

February 10 2015

Statement: Butter Meltdown: New Evidence Shows Government Dietary Recommendations To Avoid Butter Are Bogus

February 10 2015

IWF Signs Coalition Letter Calling on Congress to Preserve and Enhance Intellectual Property Rights for Americans

February 2 2015

Statement: Scientific Body Finds Chemical BPA Poses No Risk To Any Age Group

January 23 2015

Statement: Measles Back With A Vengeance

January 22 2015

Statement: SOTU, President Obama Perpetuates the Myth That Women Are Underdogs In Need of Big-Government Assistance

January 20 2015

FROM THE RNC: RNC Announces Four New Rising Stars

January 15 2015

Statement: President Obama's Paid Leave Push Isn't A Magic Cure All

January 15 2015

Statement: Fresh Stable Of Women Lawmakers Come To Capitol Hill

January 6 2015

Statement: Women Want A Shake-Up At The Congressional Budget Office

December 9 2014

IWF Joins Coalition Urging States to Actively Resist EPA's Coercive Power Plan

December 5 2014

Press Release: The Honorable Marsha Blackburn & Human Rights Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali Named 2014 Women of Valor

November 21 2014

Women of Valor [2014]: Photos

November 21 2014

Women of Valor Gala [2014]: Program

November 21 2014

Women of Valor Remarks [2014]: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

November 21 2014

Women of Valor Remarks [2014]: Congressman Marsha Blackburn

November 21 2014

Women of Valor Remarks [2014]: Sabrina Schaeffer

November 21 2014

Statement: "War on Women" Rhetoric Has Run Its Course, Americans Want an End to Gender Politics

November 5 2014

Healthcare Solutions Week: Next, Better, Health Care Reform [10/13-10/17]

October 13 2014

Advisory: 9/17 NYC LEAN TOGETHER book party, A positive agenda written for women by women

September 15 2014

Advisory: LEAN TOGETHER Book Discussion, A positive agenda written for women by women

September 7 2014

Book Release: LEAN TOGETHER - Concrete policy solutions to challenges facing women & families

September 1 2014

Transcript from Press Call: Milton Friedman Legacy Day: How Educational Freedom Benefits Women and Girls

July 31 2014

Press Call Advisory: Role of Government in Education and Women's Unique Interest in Improving Education Policy

July 30 2014

IWF Signs Letter Urging Department of Education to Reconsider New Rule Proposal

July 21 2014

Statement: July 17 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Hearing

July 16 2014

Independent Women's Forum signs coalition letter urging Congress to act on comprehensive tax reform without shortcuts or gimmicks

July 8 2014

Statement: Supreme Court Ruling in the Cases of Hobby Lobby & Conestoga Wood

June 30 2014

Advisory: Straight Talk Panel on "Rape Culture" and Sexual Assault

June 24 2014

Statement: Time To Rethink How Title IX Is Being Enforced On College Campuses

June 20 2014

Media Advisory: IWF Movie Night: Dog Days

June 12 2014

Two-Dozen Free-market Organizations Voice Concern and Urge Reform of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

May 28 2014

Statement: IWF Applauds Congress's Move to Relieve Schools of Broken Lunch Program

May 19 2014

RELEASE: Schaeffer Testimony, Senate Budget Cmte: Expanding Economic Opportunity for Women

May 13 2014

Media Advisory: Independent Women's Forum to Testify at Senate Budget Hearing on Why the "Paycheck Fairness Act" Isn't Fair and Won't Create Equal Pay

May 12 2014

Statement: Democrats' Pledge to Boost the Federally-Mandated Minimum Wage is Counterproductive to Helping Families on the Brink

April 30 2014

Transcript from Press Call: Why raising the minimum wage is still a bad idea

April 30 2014

Press Call Advisory: More Economic Growth – Not Raising the Minimum Wage – is the Real Key to Rising Wages and More Opportunity

April 29 2014

IWF Joins Coalition Letter Opposing Federal Ban on Internet Gambling

April 28 2014

MAY 1 NYC EVENT: From Helicopter to Hazmat Parenting

April 22 2014

Statement: White House Concedes Wage Gap is a Myth, 77 Cent Talking Point Inaccurate

April 8 2014

Statement: Senate Democrats Use A Fictitious Holiday - "Equal Pay Day" - To Push A Misleading Bill - The "Paycheck Fairness Act" - With A Hollow Promise to Women

April 8 2014

Transcript from Press Call: Why President Obama's executive orders and the "Paycheck Fairness Act" won’t advance equal pay

April 7 2014

Press Call Advisory: Why President Obama's executive orders and the "Paycheck Fairness Act" won’t advance equal pay

April 7 2014

IWF Signs Coalition Letter Opposing Giving Control of the Internet to UN-like Group

March 31 2014

IWF Signs Coalition Letter Opposing Giving Away Control of the Internet

March 26 2014

Statement: Independent Women’s Forum Supports Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties

March 25 2014

EVENT: Vision, Policy, and Politics: A Preview of the 2014 Debate

February 25 2014

Independent Women's Forum Amicus Brief in Support of Hobby Lobby/Conestoga

January 30 2014

Press Call Advisory: IWF Files Amicus Brief on the Basis of Women's Health and Employment Freedom

January 29 2014

Independent Women's Forum Responds to President Obama's Fifth State of the Union Address

January 28 2014

Independent Women's Forum Responds to The Shriver Report

January 14 2014

Statement: Latest ObamaCare Expansion of Exemption Leaves Cancelled Americans in Same Bind

December 20 2013

Release: Real Life of Julia: Campaign Illustrates Julia's Life Under ObamaCare

December 11 2013

Statement: More Economic Opportunity is the Key to Rising Wages

December 5 2013

Statement: Supreme Court Hearing Challenge Over ObamaCare Contraception Mandate

November 26 2013

Don't Miss Doubleheader Cocktail Party Celebrating the Release of Julie Gunlock and Charlotte Hays' Books

November 18 2013

New Book: From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Is Making Us Afraid of Everything -- and How to Fight Back

November 15 2013

Media Advisory: Genetically Modified Foods, Truth About Labeling

October 8 2013

Video • Woman of Valor

October 7 2013

Photos • Woman of Valor

October 7 2013

Release: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Named Woman of Valor

October 4 2013

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Remarks: Woman of Valor

October 3 2013

Sabrina Schaeffer Remarks: Woman of Valor

October 3 2013

Statement: Exchange Enrollment Picks Up as Drop Cycle Begins

October 1 2013

Advisory: Mad Women Debate, Battle of the Sexes

September 17 2013

AEI & IWF DEBATE: How to Boost Boys’ Educational Performance

August 27 2013

Statement: IWF Calls on Mayor Bloomberg to Drop Continuing Efforts to Limit Americans' Food and Beverage Choices

July 31 2013

Event | Breadwinner Moms: Truth Behind the Trend

July 22 2013

IWF Young Leaders Honored as Red Alert Politics' "30 Under 30"

July 1 2013

Statement: One Year After SCOTUS' ObamaCare Ruling, Various Constitutional Questions Remain

June 28 2013

Statement: President Obama's Energy Plans Will Ignite Catastrophe

June 25 2013

NEW POLL: Women Tell Alarmists: Knock It Off!

June 17 2013

Release: Free-Market Coalition Highlights Negative Impact of Carbon Tax

June 13 2013

Statement: Senators Should Urge Parents, Not Nickelodeon, to Regulate Television Ads

June 12 2013

Media Advisory: Women's Group Action on Capitol Hill Marks Equal Pay Act At 50 Years

June 10 2013

Release: Independent Women's Forum Leads Coalition Calling Out False Alarmism

May 28 2013

Statement: White House Budget Embraces Deficit Spending and a Government-Direct Economy

April 10 2013

Statement: Equal Pay Day: Women are Not Shortchanged

April 9 2013

Statement: Lady Thatcher Was a True Heroine

April 8 2013

Video Release: It's Time For Straight Talk About the Wage Gap

April 4 2013

Statement: Press Hyperventilating About Non-Reviewed Salt Study

March 22 2013

Release: ObamaCare's Broken-Promises Birthday

March 22 2013

Release: Tale of Two Charts: What the Washington Post's Ryan Budget Chart Didn't Show

March 19 2013

Statement: New York City's Sugary Beverage Ban Takes Effect

March 11 2013

Advisory: Independent Women’s Forum Hosting Culture of Alarmism Panel at CPAC

March 11 2013

Release: Risk Experts to New York City: Styrofoam Ban Would Be a Mistake

March 11 2013

Statement: President Obama's EPA Nominee Will Encourage Higher Energy Costs

March 4 2013

Statement: IWF Not Cheering House Passage of VAWA

February 28 2013

Panel Event | Scared to Death: A Culture of Alarmism

February 25 2013

Statement: President Obama inappropriately uses SOTU to convince women the workplace is sexist and that they are all Victims

February 13 2013

Statement: VAWA Foundations are Flawed and the Law is Desperate for an Overhaul

February 6 2013

Release: Gayle Trotter's Full Senate Hearing Testimony "What Should America Do About Gun Violence"

January 30 2013

Media Advisory: IWF Brings Women Component to Senate Gun Hearing

January 29 2013

Ahead of SEC Nomination IWF Releases a "Binder of Women Candidates for High Office"

January 24 2013

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