What Have Educational Savings Accounts Meant to You?

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Thanks to education savings accounts (ESAs), eligible families with a K-12 student can choose the best educational option for their child. Are you an ESA mom or dad? We want to hear from you!

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"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley



New 1099-K tax reporting rules have a disproportionate effect on women.
  • Women dominate gig economy work when separating out ridesharing and delivery services.
  • Women are selling used kids’ clothes, engaged in food/grocery delivery, tutoring, babysitting, and other activities arranged through online apps. 

By: Patrice Onwuka



We need reforms to improve the child welfare system.
  • When parents clearly cannot rehabilitate, officials need not drag matters out for children.
  • We don’t have enough homes for children who need foster care, so we need to protect faith-based foster agencies, who do most of the work in this space, from activists trying to shut them down.
  • We must realize that even if policies mitigated the shortage of foster families, some vulnerable children would still have behavioral and mental health problems that need residential care.

By: Naomi Schaefer Riley



The anti-vaping campaign is not based on science.
  • Since their introduction, e-cigarettes have helped millions of American adults quit smoking combustible cigarettes.
  • But policymakers and regulators continue to challenge adult access to alternatives to smoking and lie to parents about youth vaping to get them to demand that e-cigarettes and flavored vape liquids be removed from the marketplace.
  • In fact, e-cigarettes have helped to accelerate significant declines in smoking among youth and young adults.

By: Lindsey Stroud



HHS must let the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration expire.
  • The end of the Public Health Emergency determination will—among other things—allow states to remove ineligible enrollees from the Medicaid program, which ballooned during the pandemic.
  • Overloading Medicaid with too many enrollees takes resources away from those who need them most.
  • It also keeps too many people on inferior public coverage when they could otherwise be on private insurance plans, costs taxpayers in the form of increased social spending, and moves our public policy closer to government-controlled health care and farther from a vibrant, competitive private marketplace.

By: Hadley Heath Manning

Personal Freedom


Our gun control policies aren’t working.
  • Carrying a firearm is a very serious choice, and it’s a choice many people won’t make. Everyone’s life circumstances are unique to his or her situation.
  • Many women choose a firearm because it is “the great equalizer.” Women who are victims of violence are statistically smaller in stature than their assailants. There might also be multiple assailants.
  • The key is choice for self-defense. If a firearm is not the right choice for any individual, then that is her choice. But the government—at any level—should not determine that choice.

By: Laura Carno

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Government overspending and short-sighted economic policies have created unprecedented inflation, supply chain disruptions, and a labor market crisis. The only way Washington politicians will learn that spending sprees have consequences is if YOU speak up.

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