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Kristin Shapiro

Kristin Shapiro, a lawyer with BakerHostetler and an IWF Senior Fellow, will be at the counsel’s table when the Supreme Court hears arguments for Moore v. United States. The case could have a profound effect on what the federal government can tax.

Kristin Shapiro


"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley



Remote work is here to stay.

    • The vast majority of workers (98%) want to work remotely “at least some of the time.”
    • Remote work helps parents accommodate school and daycare closures as well as be more involved with daily tasks for children and the household.
    • Remote work also offers flexibility to religious groups whose traditions and observances require special preparation and practices.
    • Remote work allows people with chronic illness or a disability to be home and have medical treatment, medications, a calm work environment, reduced germ exposure, and more.

By: Ellie Krasne-Cohen



We need to address crime and build trust.

    • Effective policing that maintains public safety while building community trust is more needed than ever.
    • Solutions include enacting crucial police reforms—like body cameras—that have widespread consensus, reaffirming our commitment to law enforcement, looking to past program efficiency, and rekindling love for community and country.

By: Meaghan Mobbs



Education savings accounts are essential.

    • An education savings account (ESA) is a government-funded account for parents to allocate toward the K-12 education of their children.
    • Parents and students can use funds to pay for a wide range of educational expenses. These include tuition, tutoring, textbooks, curriculum, test fees, therapies for students with special needs, and educational technology.
    • Due to this flexibility, ESAs are the gold standard of the various types of school choice programs.

By: Dr. Keri D. Ingraham



Team Biden is pushing “Climate-Smart Ag.”

    • Despite increasing evidence that these international efforts to transform the agriculture industry are causing more harm than good, these same ideas are being pushed by top Biden administration officials.
    • This has led to the creation of Climate-Smart Ag, a $3.1-billion USDA initiative that promises to cut U.S. agriculture emissions while keeping up production. 
    • Some scientists have warned these projections are likely overstated and these climate-smart programs will not actually reduce GHGs. Other reports have found that cover crops don’t absorb as much carbon as previously thought and diminish crop yields. 

By: Mandy Gunasekara



The just solution is to tax universities to foot the bill for the debt problem they've created.

    • Universities have benefited the most from student loan programs, subsidies, and other taxpayer-funded programs, all while raising tuition for students well above inflation.
    • The student debt crisis is really a college cost crisis, helped along by ever-increasing loan backing from the federal government.
    • Universities have benefited enormously from the status quo; they should help pay for the solution and have skin in the game going forward.

By: Inez Feltscher Stepman



The mainstream response to gender-questioning youth comes with serious risks.

By: Hadley Heath Manning

Leading the Fight for Women:

A Message From Riley Gaines

I've been working for Independent Women's Forum to spread awareness about the threat to women and girls in sports. IWF has taken the lead and is embarking on a massive public education and grassroots activation project that will stop this outrageous attack on women and we need your help.

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Code Red: Our Healthcare System Is Sick

You Have the Right to Know How Much Your Health Care Will Cost

We would never buy anything without knowing how much it is going to cost upfront. Prices in health care should work the same way. If you've been ripped off by the American healthcare system, we want to know what happened.

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