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Bhuvana Anand & Baishali Bomjan

Speaking with Bhuvana and Baishali reminds IWF just how much we have in common with freedom fighters in places like India.

Meet Bhuvana Anand & Baishali Bomjan


"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley



School closures and remote learning hurt academic performance and learning.
  • Covid-era education policies compounded an already dire literacy crisis. Students entered the pandemic with weak academic skills, with only one-third of students reading proficiently and less than one-quarter of 12th graders proficient in math in 2019.
  • According to a McKinsey study, students didn’t just miss out on academic knowledge: “They are at risk of finishing school without the skills, behaviors, and mindsets to succeed in college or in the workforce.”
  • Children are Covid’s lowest-risk demographic, but K-12 students have suffered the most throughout the pandemic at the hands of negligent school district officials and powerful teachers unions.

By: Ginny Gentles



The most American form of environmentalism is conservation.
  • The most American form of environmentalism is conservation, typically defined by public-private partnerships, deregulation, and market solutions to environmental problems.
  • Conservation calls for wise use of natural resources while advancing policies that equally bolster nature and people.
  • While the federal government is impeding environmental progress, conservation is succeeding at the state and local levels due to public-private partnerships and market solutions.

By: Gabriella Hoffman

Wage Gap


The wage gap is not a metric of “equal pay for equal work.”
  • Equal Pay Day purportedly represents widespread sexism and discrimination against women. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the raw wage gap by comparing the median salary for all male and female full-time wage and salary workers.
  • In 2020, they found that female workers earned 82 percent compared to male workers. In other words, women earn 82 cents to each dollar that men earn.
  • This argument overlooks the many factors that contribute to the wage gap such as seniority, education, hours, and working conditions.

By: Hadley Heath Manning & Charlotte Whelan

Foreign Affairs


There are measures Biden could take to stop Putin.
  • Biden could free the U.S. energy industry he is now strangling, thus helping the U.S. economy, while downgrading Putin’s leverage as czar of the world’s biggest gas station.
  • Biden could begin urgently building up a U.S. military focused on deterring and winning wars, rather than social issues and eco-fuels.
  • America has experience standing up to the Kremlin. As we head into a new Cold War—or not so cold—it is time to revisit how America won the last one.

By: Claudia Rosett



In practice, ESG takes many forms.
  • Environment: Some investors and firms envision a “whole of society” change to eliminate carbon emissions. Others take a more incremental approach to environmental sustainability.
  • Social: Initiatives that fall under this umbrella can range from working to advance social justice in terms of “anti-racism” training, requiring diversity quotas on a corporate board, or trying to provide better working conditions or benefits for employees.
  • Governance: Companies are already required to maintain checks and balances that ensure managers make decisions in the best interests of the company. But there are efforts to push for greater shareholder rights, including proxy voting.

By: Charlotte Whelan

New Documentary

XX ≠ XY: The Fight To Save Women’s Sports

Meet the mother of a female swimmer who’s exposing the harms of allowing biological males to compete on and against female teams in the name of transgender inclusion.

How Are Rising Costs and Supply Shortages Hurting You?

Inflation Storytelling

Government overspending and short-sighted economic policies have created unprecedented inflation, supply chain disruptions, and a labor market crisis. The only way Washington politicians will learn that spending sprees have consequences is if YOU speak up.

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