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Demand Fair Play

We can’t ignore biological differences when it comes to sports. Allowing male-bodied athletes to compete with female athletes puts women’s physical safety at risk and takes away valuable opportunities for women and girls to participate in and win sporting competitions. Demand rules that protect fair play.

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Liz Sara

Sara was appointed in 2018 to serve a three-year term as chairman of the NWBC. And certainly she has the right background to head up an organization dedicated to advancing women in business, with a thirty-year history of successful entrepreneurship and career in the tech field that is scarcely populated by women.

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"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley



The rising repression of China’s techno-tyranny threatens human rights
  • China’s regime regards such basic rights as free speech, or freedom of assembly, as threats to its power, and punishes those who try to exercise them.  
  • China’s recent experiments in repression include the establishment of brain-washing concentration camps for Uyghur Muslims in the western part of the country, along with the more traditional prisons and labor camps to which dissidents can be consigned. 
  • The government uses ubiquitous surveillance, censorship, and a system of “social credit” to help keep people in line. Dissidents sometimes simply disappear.

By: Claudia Rosett



Reforms will free workers to pursue opportunity

Policymakers should:

  • Eliminate unnecessary licenses or scale back onerous licensing requirements.
  • Consider alternatives to licensing such as public or private certification, registration, and inspections that can address quality or public health concerns.
  • Consider interstate compacts, such as reciprocity agreements, universal licensing recognition, or multi-state licenses with a common set of qualifications, that allow workers to practice across state lines.

By: Patrice Onwuka



The United States already leads in emissions reductions.
  • The United States leads the world in environmental stewardship and is the only highly populated nation that meets the World Health Organization’s most stringent air quality standards. 
  • Since 2005, U.S. energy-related emissions fell by 14 percent while the rest of the world increased their emissions by 20 percent.
  • Even if the United States cuts emissions to zero, the world’s biggest emitters (China and India) won’t cut back.

By: Julie Gunlock



Threats to pack the Court undermine the separation of powers and the independence of the federal judiciary.
  • Threatening to “restructure” the Court if it does not rule in a certain way is “adjudication by extortion.” 
  • Packing the Court with justices sympathetic to the political views of the party in power will ignite a judicial arms race where each party seeks to add justices whenever they are in power.
  • Adding justices to try to make the Court more responsive to current cultural norms undermines the Court’s institutional legitimacy as a non-partisan branch of government — with unpredictable consequences for the rule of law.

By: Jennifer C. Braceras

Gender Quotas


While gender quotas stem from good intentions, they ultimately undermine women’s hard work.
  • Quotas wrongly rely on the premise that workplace disparities today are primarily the result of persistent systemic sexism. 
  • In reality, the choices that women make throughout their careers affect their trajectories. 
  • Companies should respect women’s individual merits and preferences without tokenism.

By: Charlotte Whelan



California’s AB5 makes it more difficult to classify workers as independent contractors.
  • Raises costs for businesses. Reclassifying workers and complying with wage and hour laws, unemployment insurance, and other labor laws would increase labor costs by an estimated 20-30 percent leaving less for job creation and wage increase.
  • Threatens the economic security of workers. Some businesses are opting to lay off their freelance workforce. Independent contractors report losing contracts, being laid off from projects and unable to find freelance work.
  • Kill flexible work arrangements. Millions of Americans prefer to be their own bosses instead of working as employees.

By: Patrice Onwuka

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