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Americans face even higher Thanksgiving dinner costs than last year’s 15% increase. Expensive holiday grocery bills are another reminder that inflation is neither transitory nor a "high-class problem."

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Betsy Kallop

“I don’t care if you’re Left or Right! When it comes to our children, everybody’s on board,” says Kallop.

Betsy Kallop


"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley



HHS must let the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration expire.
  • The end of the Public Health Emergency determination will—among other things—allow states to remove ineligible enrollees from the Medicaid program, which ballooned during the pandemic.
  • Overloading Medicaid with too many enrollees takes resources away from those who need them most.
  • It also keeps too many people on inferior public coverage when they could otherwise be on private insurance plans, costs taxpayers in the form of increased social spending, and moves our public policy closer to government-controlled health care and farther from a vibrant, competitive private marketplace.

By: Hadley Heath Manning

Personal Freedom


Our gun control policies aren’t working.
  • Carrying a firearm is a very serious choice, and it’s a choice many people won’t make. Everyone’s life circumstances are unique to his or her situation.
  • Many women choose a firearm because it is “the great equalizer.” Women who are victims of violence are statistically smaller in stature than their assailants. There might also be multiple assailants.
  • The key is choice for self-defense. If a firearm is not the right choice for any individual, then that is her choice. But the government—at any level—should not determine that choice.

By: Laura Carno



Balancing innovation with regulation is the solution—not politics.
  • Purposefully constraining the domestic supply of oil is resulting in expensive gas that harms Americans and worsens inflation.
  • Technological advancements alongside balanced regulatory requirements have worked to retain the benefits of using oil while reducing the environmental impact.
  • Finding the right balance between energy development, economic growth, and environmental protection is best addressed through markets and the private sector, not politics.

By: Mandy Gunasekara

Child Care


Policymakers should support parents, not just child care.
  • Recent parental dissatisfaction with the K-12 public school system—over curriculum, staffing, masking policies, and much more—should caution against more federal oversight in the daycare sector.
  • The Biden administration’s Build Back Better’s childcare provisions would give the federal government the biggest role in childcare programs, introducing regulations that would increase the costs of operation and attendance, and reduce diversity of childcare.
  • Although advertised as a means to improve life outcomes for children, government childcare and preschool programs have failed to produce long term benefits.

By: Carrie Lukas

1st Amendment


The new Biden administration Title IX rules exacerbate the problem.
  • New rules proposed by the Biden administration codify an overbroad definition of unlawful sexual harassment, despite Supreme Court warnings about the limits of Title IX. 
  • In additon, and without congressional or constitutional authority, the proposed rules unilaterally redefine the word “sex” to include “gender” and “gender identity.”
  • Combined, these two distortions of Title IX encourage all schools that receive federal money to punish unpopular viewpoints on sex, gender, sex roles, gender identity, or pronoun usage.
  • At least with respect to public schools, the new rules raise serious First Amendment concerns.

By: Jennifer C. Braceras & Heather Madden

Department of Labor's New Independent Contractors Rule

Don’t Cancel Freelancers

The Department of Labor released proposed new restrictions on independent contracting. Protect independent contractors from being reclassified by submitting your comment to the DOL through Independent Women's Network.

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