A child’s education is the foundation for his or her life. Their education prepares them to contribute to the modern economy, to participate as citizens in our democracy, and instill values that will help shape every aspect of their lives and the next generation. There is no one best way to educate children. The government should not make the decision for parents about how and what children should learn. Parents know that every child is unique and should be placed in the learning environment best suited to that child’s needs. Therefore, parents must have options so that they can select a school that reflects their values and that will help develop their child’s talents.

Today, millions of American children are benefiting from policies that give parents the opportunity to choose the best school for their children. Yet millions more continue to languish in chronically underperforming public schools.

We, the undersigned, believe that parents deserve more control and more options for where their children attend school. We call on policymakers across the country to join together to give the next generation the opportunities that they deserve.