Title:                                    Vice president of finance and Administration


Reports to:                        President and CEO

Job Summary:            The Vice President of Finance and Administration is responsible for developing the financial strategy of the organization, overseeing all accounting practices, analyzing financial trends, and managing and evaluating day-to-day operations of the organization including financial systems, contracts, human resources, facilities and office management.

Job Duties:

  • ? Works closely with the President and CEO to realize the mission and strategic plan          of the organization.
  •  Develops the financial strategy for the organization including planning and forecast,        conferring with the President and CEO.
  • ? Effectively manages the accounting and administrative systems to allow the                  organization to move to the next level of professionalism and accountability.
  • ? Establishes company-wide controls for spending that will result in savings and the          ability to increase organization’s operating reserve fund.
  • ? Oversees all accounting practices including the budget process and financial reports        to achieve better control and accountability in all departments.
  • ? Works with Development department, fundraising consultant, and policy and                communications teams to better coordinate all departments and reconcile reporting        information.
  • ? Works with state fundraising registration consultant so that organization meets  requirements for solicitation.
  • ? Works closely with outside accountants on tax and audit functions, including  reconciliation of US Department of State Grant reporting requirements, and the  completion of the year-end audit and IRS 990 tax return.
  • ? Analyzes income and expense trends and offers advice to President.
  • ? Oversees all financial and administrative operations, develops internal policies and  procedures and implements plans in consultation with President and CEO.
  • ? Collaborates with staff members about key financial issues that affect policy and  programs.
  • ? Develops management reports needed to track and measure performance of all  programs.
  • ? Oversees all aspects of facilities management
  • ? Negotiates contracts with vendors, with approval of President
  • ? Works to continually improve cost effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • ? Analyzes and communicates financial information that is the basis of key decisions  made by the Board and President.
  • ? Manages payroll and employee benefits packages.
  • ? Develops proposed program budgets and yearly budget in consultation with President  and CEO. 
  • ? Assists in preparation for meetings of the Board of Directors and Finance Committee of  the Board of Directors. 

Skill Factors:

Education:               Bachelor’s Degree and Certified Public Accountant designation

Experience:             (1) A minimum of 5 years of management and 10 years of accountancy                                 experience, preferably in a nonprofit organization; (2) experience helping                               an organization through a period of growth and change; and experience                                 with IT, human resources and facilities management.

Special Skills/Requirements:           

·      Strong commitment to the mission of the organization and to free market principles.

·      The ability to communicate with the President and the Finance Committee of the Board of          Directors.

·      Results-oriented manager able to access the organization’s financial outlook and offer                solutions for long-term viability.

·      Skilled in overall budget analysis and development, expense controls and financial                    reporting.

·      Excellent verbal, analytical, organizational and written skills.

·      Detailed- and results-oriented; self-starter.

·      Ability to communicate with the President as well as all levels of staff. 

·      Skilled in overseeing multiple projects and deadlines with minimal oversight.

·      Ability to think strategically and analytically; exhibits good judgment and a strong                    operational focus.

·      Excellent command of Quickbooks and Excel.