The Independent Women’s Forum is pleased and proud to announce that Kimberly Schuld, IWF’s Project Director for Title IX and Education Equity, has been selected as a 2000 Abraham Lincoln Fellow in Constitutional Government with The Claremont Institute. Lincoln Fellowships are offered to young professionals serving elected officials or appointed policy-makers in the federal government, as well as staff members of national political parties and non-profit institutions that research and publish on public policy and constitutional issues.

The Lincoln Fellows Program seeks to promote an understanding of the moral basis of law, exemplified in the speeches and deeds of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Fellows Program places special emphasis on the statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln believed that free government is only possible if it recognizes and protects the equal, natural rights of all human beings. In the language of the Gettysburg Address, only a nation “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” is worthy of a “new birth of freedom.” For Lincoln, no less than for the American Founders, all the principles of self-government — government by consent, rule of law, protection of the rights of the minority — are derivative from the idea of human equality.