With states enduring massive budget crises, experts warn that strange taxes are creeping into our daily lives.

The “jock tax” in Cincinnati will tax out-of-town sports teams when they visit the city for games. 2.1% of any visiting team’s revenues will go towards the city, which hopes to close its $35 million deficit. Alabama also has a ten-cent tax on playing cards for decks that have “no more than 54 cards.” Chicago levies a one-half percent tax on takeout food, designed to combat litter.

And consider the most incomprehensible of all taxes: the drug tax. According to CNN.com, in Alabama and seventeen other states, illegal drugs are taxed. Marijuana’s tax is $3.50 per gram with other drugs indexed to its price. In North Carolina, illegal drugs and alcohol are subject to a stamp tax possession of drugs with failure to purchase stamps has netted the state $68 million in revenue.

Is it us, or is tax reform sounding better and better?