The Army has released a study that has all the earmarks of political expediency. Conducted by the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), the study says that the military should continue to train men and women together, arguing that coed military training “increases acceptance of women in the Army.” The study, however, also acknowledges that a coed system is “not efficient” in producing new soldiers.

As IWF National Advisory Board Member Elaine Donnelly noted in the Washington Times, “Is there any other program the Army retains when they know it’s ‘not efficient’?”

But it seems the Army considers coed military training to be a program worth keeping. Many advocates of single-sex training argue, “it would rid the service of embarrassing boot-camp sex scandals, improve discipline and rigor, and produce better soldiers.”

According to Donnelly, the benefits cited by the Army “relate to emotional feelings of females. Since when is basic training a charm school?”