McDonald’s has been sued for selling hot coffee that was well, hot. They’ve been dragged into court for slyly making people fat by selling them well, Big Macs. Now it’s time to add another silly suit to the barrage of claims against the Golden Arches. Apparently, their bagels can ruin marriages.

Yes, the humble bagel lies at the center of this most recent controversy, brought to court by a Florida couple who claim an improperly tough bagel wrecked a man’s teeth, and consequently his marriage.

According to the Associated Press, Cecelia O’Hare alleges that McDonald’s ruined her husband John’s teeth and bridgework. Now John and Cecelia are itching for cash with their claim that Cecelia lost “the care, comfort, consortium and society of her husband.”

A McDonald’s spokeswoman was baffled, “It’s a bagel!”