WASHINGTON, DC — Recommendations made this week by the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics will improve the unfair environment created by Title IX but not go far enough.

We at the Independent Women’s Forum commend the Commission for taking a step in the right direction. However, we would prefer to see Title IX’s gender proportionality requirement ended, because it is nothing more than an onerous quota system that has led to the elimination of thousands of male athletic slots.

The enforcement of Title IX has sadly traded one form of discrimination — against women — for another, discrimination against men.

Our opponents say that the current implementation of Title IX is not a quota system, but what they are in effect doing is fighting to protect quotas. We think women thrive without proportionality quotas.

While the proportionality system is not abolished, the Commission’s recommendations will allow wiggle room for college athletic departments struggling to avoid lawsuits. We are encouraged that the recommendations open the door for taking into consideration different levels and kinds of athletic interest between men and women.

Actress Geena Davis has announced a campaign to, “Save Title IX.” What she is really advocating is hanging on to the quota system that has betrayed the original intent of Title IX.

We urge the Bush Administration to reform Title IX.