While most members of the liberal academy have spent the last few months spouting clichés  against war in Iraq, a few brave young men have shown their willingness to take a stand against the predominant viewpoint in academia.

Josh Chafetz and Ariel Adesnik — both Rhodes Scholars — are leading a growing student movement to promote democracy and human rights in nations where citizens are suppressed by brutal leaders like Saddam Hussein. Through their Oxford Democracy Forum (Ox Dem), these bright young things are promoting the idea that the “ultimate cause of suffering [is often] a lack of democratic government.” And sometimes, it just might take a war to right those wrongs.

According to the OxDem website, “The oppressed around the world have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world–a free, peaceful, democratic world–to win. And we can help them. Students of the world, unite!”