Sold, but not for much. When the Holy Name Parish School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts asked local politicians to donate items for the school’s charity auction, some elected officials responded generously. Donations included Red Sox and Celtics tickets, a round of golf at an exclusive country club, and a weekend at a Nantucket Inn.

What did presidential hopeful John Kerry donate? An 8 by 10 inch photo of himself — autographed, of course. The winning bid was for $18. Pitiful. According to US News, a Kerry associate offered this: “Our best auction offerings are yet to come: personally guided Oval Office tours by President John Kerry.”

Luckily, the Wall Street Journal weighed in on this point: “Hmm, he hasn’t even won the nomination, and already he’s promising to sell White House access to the highest bidder. Maybe there’s a little Bill Clinton in him after all.”