There’s something about a woman tumbling from great heights that is just irresistible. Have you noticed that? I mean it’s great to see fat-cat white men cuffed for the perp walk, but when it’s a woman, it intrigues. And so it is that Martha Stewart’s swan dive is a media favorite. We just can’t get enough of it. Sure lots of people say it’s unfair (after all she’s no Ken Lay; she’s not even Sammy Waksal); and others say she might even be innocent (they couldn’t get her for insider trading so they got her for lying even though it wasn’t under oath and that’s pretty weak) but none of that is the point. The point is that, it’s riveting when a high-powered, hard-charging double X’er hits the mat.

Liberated though we may be, it seems there’s still a part of our caveman collective psyche that says women just shouldn’t be like that. So when they flame out, we like it; we’re vindicated. And that’s a sorry thing. She may be guilty and deserve what she gets but does that excuse the smug satisfaction so many feel as they watch her get her just “desserts?”