It’s not news that over the past few years, women have been working more. But who knew that women’s labor habits would profoundly affect men’s haberdashery?

According to the New York Times, however, that’s just what’s happened: the men’s clothing industry is going through a severe downsizing. Target is reducing its retail space allotted for men’s clothing, and the teen-targeted chain Gadzooks is doing away with men’s clothes all together. According to the Times, “Across the board, from $5.99 Hawaiian shirts to $2,500 Italian wool suits, the men’s clothing market has been dwindling for years.”

What’s the link with guy’s fashion and women’s work? Turns out, women do the majority of shopping for men. And when the ladies go to work, the men are forced to fend for themselves. So here’s a (joking) word to the wise for all those hoping to spark the economy: gentlemen, toss in a hand with the housework and free your other halves to do a little shopping for you. We’ll all be happier!