Seems like some of the Greens are busying themselves fighting windmills — literally!

Residents of Homas, West Virginia, have recently witnessed the erection of 44 huge (228 foot high) windmills in their backyards. To some, the windmills make perfect sense– they provide cheap, clean energy.

But according to journalist Katherine Seelye, “They have also generated huge turbulence within the environmental movement. Proponents of wind farms view those who oppose them as heretics, obstructing the promise of clean renewable energy, while opponents decry them as producing insufficient power to warrant their blight on the landscape.”

Each side makes some good points. Cheap, clean energy? Yes. But wind farms must also be large to be viable, and the windmill’s propensity to kill migratory birds has earned them the name “condor Cuisinart.”

What’s to be said for all this ruckus? Let’s just raise a glass to innovation and capitalism, and may the best new energy source win!