Sultaana Freeman converted to Islam. Then she went to get a new driver’s license. Then she sued the state of Florida for not allowing her to wear a veil — which completely masks almost all identifying features — in her driver’s license picture.

Yes, there is something wrong with this picture. And in a pleasant surprise, the Arab News commentator Mohammad Al-Rasheed agrees.

According to Al-Rasheed: “Going to court to have a veiled picture of her on an official document such as a driver’s license is utter madness With all due respect, Sultaana, your charade is simply that: A charade”

Citing the court’s legitimate concern about terrorism, Al-Rasheed continues: “they need not have bothered: They could have sited the Islamic rules governing such cases to satisfy Sultaana…

In Arabia, those who choose not to have their pictures taken remain in the country and never get issued passports. Sultaana should relinquish her right to drive if she feels the same way. Instead, she makes a fuss about something that is not entirely Islamic and feeds the fire some more wood on both sides of ignorance.”