What do you get when 25 nations send 105 representatives to spend 16 months on writing a constitution intent on unifying sovereign states? A mess, apparently!

The European Union has just unveiled its attempt at a constitution, and the results well, they aren?t pretty. The unwieldy document contains countless examples of cross-purposes, unintended ambiguity, and bureaucratic nonsense. Sure, the EU was attempting to do a tough job: slough off old concepts of state sovereignty and become utterly constitutionally chic. Instead, the document is a frumpy flop.

The Economist magazine is suggesting that the entire joke of a document be jettisoned, ASAP and they may be right on target. The grand visions of Hobbes, Rousseau, and Locke have been lost in a muck of bureaucratic bickering, and we can only hope that the next draft to come out of the convention will be closer to viable!