In an unfortunate move by the Administration, the Department of Education recently issued a letter reinforcing current Title IX policy.

According to the senior official making the announcement: “We are not going to change the standards for complying with Title IX. The three-prong test will remain intact, and each prong … will remain a separate and valid way of complying.”

This announcement is both disappointing and disheartening. For too long, Title IX’s three-prong tests have been used to wreak havoc on men’s sports teams and waste university money to create women’s teams where there is no demand for such opportunities.

It is a shame that the administration failed to revamp its interpretation of the original statute and enforce Title IX in its true spirit, providing both college men and women with opportunities to participate in sports, without punishing men simply for being more inclined to join a team. IWF has battled against warped interpretations of Title IX. Count on us to continue the struggle!