Who would have guessed that a few lines of text could become a political hot potato? Certainly not the computer scientists at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, a group of whom are publishing two papers on gender and writing style.

The researchers have developed a computer algorithm that can with more than 80 percent accuracy determine the gender of a writer based on simple word choice. Ladies, it turns out, are more likely to use personal pronouns in their tomes, whereas men tend to write less about people and more about things.

Interesting, eh? Liberal academics have certainly been denying so! According to head researcher Moshe Koppel, when the gender-and-writing paper was submitted to the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academia of Sciences, it was rejected on ideological grounds. They said, “Hey, what do you mean? You’re trying to make some claim about men and women being different, and we don’t know if that’s true. That’s just the kind of thing that people are saying in order to oppress women!” And I said “Hey — I’m just reporting the numbers.”