From The Boston Globe, Dec. 11, 2003:

…Two years ago, the Independent Women’s Forum, a conservative group, conducted a nationwide survey of 1,000 college women. Only half of the seniors reported being asked out on six or more dates during their entire college career, yet 63 percent said they wanted to meet their future husbands in college. And 91 percent reported “a rampant hookup culture” on campus. “Hooking up,” according to college students, can range from kissing to intercourse.

“Hooking up has just become the norm,” says Kristen Richardson, campus program manager of the IWF. “For women especially, these uncommitted, purely physical relationships can wreak havoc later on and distort their idea of relationships.”

In her opinion, the arrangement benefits the guys. “They have it made right now. They don’t have to open doors, take a woman to dinner, buy flowers, or even call the next day.” Her group has taken out ads in many campus newspapers urging students to “Take Back the Date.” With the headline “Free Cupid!” the ad depicts the downcast cherub in chains. “Take someone out to dinner or buy someone flowers,” it cajoles.