“What do thoughtful women want from politics?” asks columnist George Will. “There is no need to guess, or to listen to the most clamorous factions that claim to speak for women. Instead, listen to the quintet fielded by this dream team of the Independent Women’s Forum.”

The X-Factor is a group of savvy women from diverse backgrounds who together form IWF’s “voices of independent women.” These women represent expertise across an impressive array of issues and policies from work and family balance to healthcare to taxes and the economy. They talk about the most important aspects of these issues and others facing women in a post-9/11 world, and how these issues will have an impact on the 2004 presidential campaign and election.

The goal of The X-Factor is to explore the commonalities and differences in views that diverse women have and reflect-to find out what’s really on the minds of American women, and what they want. In doing so, The X-Factor will be conducting focus groups in select areas of the country and a nationwide poll to delve more deeply into women’s views and opinions dynamics. Armed with in-depth polling data and bringing a breadth of perspective commensurate with their backgrounds and life stories.

The X-Factor will provide issue analysis through print and broadcast commentary in a concerted effort to speak out on behalf of women’s concerns. In other words, The X-Factor will be a megaphone for all women, from the Walmart Mom to married woman with no children to the single woman.