WASHINGTON, DC — The Independent Women's Forum (IWF) unveils its new web site today — the most useful, most interesting, most challenging website for anybody interested in thinking women.

Up-to-date news and views, special reports, commentary, links to columnists (of both sexes), and a blog are just some of what makes www.iwf.org required clicking. Highlights of the new web site include:

  • The IWF Inkwell, the blog featuring feisty iconoclasts Charlotte Hays and Charlotte Allen as co-bloggers.
  • The XX Files, filled with unique features such as Hot Flashes & Cold Sweats that report and comment on, and poke fun at the events of the day. Here's where you'll find the facts on the latest front in the wage gap wars: the new, controversial GAO report.
  • The MoDo Watch, writer Cathy Seipp's monthly reflection on the New York Times' most annoying columnist, Maureen Dowd.
  • On The Air, where you'll learn, as George Will writes, "What do thoughtful women want from politics?" There is no need to guess. Instead, listen to the quintet fielded by the Independent Women's Forum. The X-Factor is what we call these women — follow them throughout the '04 election cycle.

IWF.org is where to find up-to-the-minute coverage but never those two dreadful "d's" of the Internet: dull and doctrinaire.

The Independent Women's Forum, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization.