Quelle superior attitude, mes amis: An American abroad has taken offense to my posting about the Bush administration’s decision not to invite the frogs to share in the contracts that resulted from our military intervention. I especially love the line about how the lives of the French are “more mature and centered” than ours. But here’s what J.D. had to say:

“As an American who lives part of the year in Paris, I find the shrill and petty and blatantly dishonest rhetoric constantly directed against the French extremely embarrassing. You write, with complete disregard for the facts, that the French were ’indignant’ about the Bush administrations’s Iraq decision. Huh? I’m sorry to report that, if anything, the French were rather amused by the news. The official French government response was simply to say that they may refer the matter to an international trade court to find out if they had a case. And most French people would just roll their eyes and go on with their lives — and their lives, incidentally, really are more mature and centered than ours. It seems that we have become a nation of self-indulgent, egotistical brats.”