Our comments on Saddam seem to be stirring up a lot of comment out there. Here’s a note from one of those folks who point out that that, while there are certainly disadvantages to living under a murderous dictator, Saddam had the electricity on:

“The letters appearing on-site earlier today really scare me. I’m not sure what the personal values are of the women writing in support of celebrating the capture of Saddam hussein, but as a voting taxpayer I certainly hope they think more carefully about broad foreign policy and political issues when they go to vote next year. The well-aimed criticism against the current administration doesn’t center on “raining” on anyone’s parade. Rather, it attacks an administration that lied about weapons of mass destruction, manipulated the media to create the idea that Hussein and bin Laden were in cahoots, and right now is ramping up to restore some sort of mandatory military service…that’s “DRAFT” for all you twentysomethings. Have any of you paid attention to the Halliburton headlines that were struck in favor of the Hussein ones? The serious questions continue to be drowned out in rhetoric and spin. Bush isn’t evil — “WE” elected him. Now let’s all try to come together and speak clearly about what WE want. Do you want massive national debt and severe cuts across the social programs board? American soldiers are being attacked because there is a certain portion of the populace who really don’t want them there and this is the rotten way it’s being voiced. It sucks to live under a dictator, but at least they had the basic necessities. How many Americans would completely freak out if you cut off their cable or satellite TV?”‘DHF

Dear DHF: I won’t reply to all the points you raised, but, yes, I do want massive cuts across the board on social programs. I became a conservative by covering the CETA program in New Orleans. I realized that the programs designed to help people actually hurt them. C.H.