Here’s the latest off-the-cuffer from Howard Dean, reported by Boston Globe columnist Derrick Z. Jackson: “Dealing with race is about educating white folks.” Yup, white folks jes’ love hearin’ the good doctor from Vermont talk down to them–especially that very folksy “white folks.” Dean must be taking down-home elocution lessons from master faux-twang artist Molly Ivins. Read what Mickey Kaus has to say about this latest prescription from Dr. Dean for America’s social ills. Kaus points out that Bill Clinton, a master politician if nothing else, didn’t hesitate to inform African-Americans that they, too, bore some responsibility for changing the way America “deals with race.”

Our dear and glorious physician has been sounding off hilariously–about Jesus, church, Confederate flag-toting pickup trucks, whatever–in his recent efforts to woo the Great Unwashed Who Live Outside New England. So we at InkWell plan to make “Dean Says the Darndest Things” a continuing feature. We invite InkReaders to submit their candidates for God-awful Dean quote, and we’ll post them.