Far-flung readers have lauded Sandra Miesel’s Ladies of the Ring piece on our home page. Here are a few bouquets:

From the U.K.: R.B. writes that he came to the site expecting “another mis-informed, un-researched [article on] why Tolkien was bad.” Instead he acclaimed Sandra’s article as “fantastic” and said that it made points about female characters “that I myself had missed.”

From Malaysia: R.V.A., who like R.B. was “lured” to the article by a link on theonering.net, proclaimed himself “a Tolkien worshipper.” “It was good to see, for a change, someone who has actually read the books,” he noted.

Prager on Mordor:
Sandra isn’t the only columnist who’s having fun with Tolkien. Dennis Prager has penned a hilarious column on the trilogy. It purports to be an interview by Jimmy Carter to the Norwegian Society for Universal Neutrality (NSUN). Carter is upset because Lord of the Rings flicks are “sending a dangerous message to the world’s young people.”

“Let us get the academic community to sign ads in the New York Times and other journals that identify with our pro-peace vision of the world,” Prager envisions the ex-President saying. “These ads would declare Gandalf a war monger and imperialist, and emphasize that the Orcs were not evil, but rather suffered from poverty and hopelessness.”

“’We must do something to counteract this celebration of violence,’ Mr. Carter said emphatically. ’To see even trees fight and kill is enough to make any-right-thinking person sick to his or her stomach.’”