Fellow blogger Jackie e-mails to remind me of a choice bit of Howard Dean hyperbole that I actually missed (me, the all-seeing, all-knowing!): Dean’s  characterization of the Bush administration as “the most dangerous administration in my lifetime.” What? Bush worse than Nixon, you know, the guy you liberals forced to resign? Worse than Lyndon Johnson? Worse than Harry Truman, instigator of that horrid Cold War (after FDR was so nice to Stalin!) and dropper of the atom bomb? And, gee, how about Ronnie “Evil Empire:” Reagan? (Thanks to BuzzMachine for fingering these greater presidential sinners.) Isn’t Dr. Dean ruffling some liberal feathers here?

But I predict (and remember, you read it in InkWell first!) that all four of those presidential villains, even, and maybe especially Nixon) will be in for some serious liberal revisionism over the coming months in order to clear some space for the Dread Dubya in the rogues’ gallery. We’ll be hearing much about Nixon’s push for affirmative action, Ronnie’s “surprising” Supreme Court picks like Sandra Day O’Connor, etc. Trust me.

And that reminds me: How could I have forgotten the good doctor’s call for a jury trial for Osama Bin Laden! Dean at his very darndest!