“Corporate America is easily aroused to guilt, and is willing to pay big money to assuage it,” writes Kenneth R. Timmerman in today’s NY Post. We applaud corporations that do good works, but we rue those who cave to the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s annual extortion pilgrimage to Wall Street. It’s this guilt that makes corporations an easy target–and the fear that the Rev will lead a boycott if they don’t dig deep enough into their pockets. Timmerman has described the Reverend’s annual shakedown of Wall Street, for his supposedly nonprofit activities, in his aptly-named book, “Shakedown.” It’s shameful that he’s gotten by with it for so long. But there’s good news:

During the previous administration, Cabinet members and assorted VIPs flocked to the opening of Jackson’s “Wall Street Project” to provide a dazzling show of the Reverend’s power. Timmerman notes that this year, Jackson was “lucky” to lure former first lady Hillary Clinton to the lectern. Will the shortage of dignitaries affect the Rev’s “fundraising” this go round? Disgraced NYSE head Dick Grasso’s regime gave Jackson nearly $200,000. A spokesman for NY Mayor Mike Blomberg refused to confirm or deny a Blomberg charity’s response to Jackson’s “request” for $100,000. Stay tuned.