The New York Times “Vows” column is the guilty pleasure of members of the intelligentsia. Every Sunday in the Style section it writes up the wedding of some lucky couple. It has profiled Sarah Lawrence graduates who married in gondolas or ashrams. It covers the weddings of celebs’including that of playwright Tony Kushner (same-sex) and “Sex in the City” creator Candace Bushnell (mixed–but he was a ballet dancer)’and just plain folks who marry in places like Nantucket or East Hampton or atop a mountain in Katmandu. (Once they even did a parolee, but it turned out that that was an accident.)

We had thought that “Vows” was beyond parody. But we were wrong. The Weekly Standard has an absolutely hilarious takeoff on the column this week. It purports to be a description of the nuptials of a woman of Jewish descent and an Untouchable from India. It contains a hilarious line (this is from memory’the Standard, alas, doesn’t make all content available on the Web site): “I’d never slept with an Untouchable before.”