Feminist organizations may have opposed the war in Iraq, but now they want to push their agenda there. A piece in the English Spectator entitled “V is for Victory’and Vagina” reports on the taxpayer-financed invasion of the vagina warriors: “Following the successful liberation of their country from the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein, ordinary Iraqis are once more beginning to experience some of those things we in the West take for granted, electricity, telephones, fresh running water, and the likes of Deidre Spart of the Haringey Women’s Collective.”

Things could be worse. The Spectator notes that the fortunate Iraqis have been spared a visit by Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler, who did sojourn in Kabul. While there, Ensler decided against mounting a production Vagina Monologues. (“Going in and saying ‘so let’s talk about your vagina’it sounded so glib.”) Ensler’s comments on the veil demonstrated an intuitive grasp of Islamic theology: “If someone is wearing the veil because it makes them feel sexy, exotic, erotic, fabulous, empowered, delicious, protected, power to them,” she said. Ms. Ensler added that she has “issues” if the veil is being worn “to shut oneself off.” So, it’s not just the Other Charlotte and I who have veils on the brain, if not on our faces.