An item (directly below) on the vagina brigade now invading Iraq seems especially relevant in light of a story in today’s WaPo. The Brit division of the VB, according to the Spectator article mentioned below, is demanding that Iraqi women be allotted more representation than women have in England’s government. But the WaPo reports today on page A12 that the Iraqi Governing Council has voted to wipe out some of the modern legal protections that Iraqi women, unlike those in the rest of the Muslim world, have enjoyed four decades. Arbitrary divorce by men and favoritism of men in child custody battles would be restored, if these changes are allowed to stand. Western feminists have spent their energy baying at a patriarchy that is now largely a figment of their vivid imaginations. Now, we’re seeing the real thing, and it’s ugly. Let’s hope the U.S. will stand up for the women. But will the vagina warriors finally see that W. civilization has been the best thing since sliced bread for women?

Don’t hold your breath.