Monday, Monday

As Monday dawns cold and sunny, I am already calling around for results in Iowa. Whatever the outcome, it’s not a moment too soon to launch the Committee to Save Howard Dean. What happened to the former front runner?

Peggy Noonan suggests in the Wall Street Journal (scroll down) that the mainstream media rode to the rescue of the Democratic Party by savaging Dr. Dean. (Anybody notice that the media criticism of “negative ads” against Dean was fairly muted?) Columnist Mark Steyn believes that the turning point was when Al “Kiss of Death” Gore endorsed Dean. He may be right. I trembled when I saw Dr. Dean standing shoulder to shoulder in Georgia with former President Jimmy Carter yesterday.

Things are so bad that Dr. Judy, viciously attacked last week by liberal media types, went to Iowa to campaign. As blogger queen Lucianne Goldberg captioned a picture of her on the campaign trail: “Judy Steinberg Dean risks missing bi-monthly book-club meeting and joins husband’s campaign.”

As co-chairperson of the Committee to Save Howard Dean, I solicit your suggestions. Laryngitis for starters? Please help. The need is great.