I know, I know, I’m co-chairperson and I haven’t even consulted The Other Co-Chairperson, but what with all the reports of our hero’s wildly incoherent concession speech in Iowa and the fact that polls indicate that Iowa winner John Kerry is now a full 10 percentage points ahead of the good doctor in New Hampshire, I fear that Dr. Dean may have said one  Darndest Thing too many. (Maybe it was when he sarcastically promised that his middle-class tax increase would raise prices at Wal-Mart–take that, you Wal-Mart-shopping shmoes!) I’m predicting that Dean will be the next Gephardt (or maybe Wesley Clark, “Dean with medals,” as one wag has called him, may be next).

Do any of our readers think that our dear and glorious physician can be saved? Are we throwing the towel in too early? Dear readers, please advise.

By the way, National Review Online has a new column, Deanisms, containing choice Dean malapropisms and bursts of sarcastic fury. We must point out that the column is is a rank but flattering imitation of our own “Dean Says the Darndest Things” here at the InkWell, but it does contain some Darndest Things of which we were not the slightest bit aware.